Stay a step ahead of your competition with the Text Message Autoresponder

Do you think your agents would convert more leads if they responded to every inquiry via text message instantly? How many times do you think a lead chose a competitor over you because they contacted the lead first? We all know that using a phone is the quickest way to connecting with leads, but who really has time to call *every* lead within the first few minutes of receiving it? Enter the Text Message Autoresponder. Here's how it works:

5 sources for real estate social media content

The 4-1-1 rule. The 80/20 rule. There are dozens of social media guidelines explaining the fact that a social media feed should be more than a 24 hour megaphone of sales content. So if you’re not promoting your own pieces, what exactly are you supposed to share? Every audience is different. While some will engage with home decor and DIY projects, other markets may care more about local businesses. It’s best to experiment with different kinds of content and track what gets the most engagement. Here are 5 sources for great, shareable real estate content to

Boost your real estate marketing with our free summer marketing kit

Summer is a busy time for real estate pros. We've put together a free summer marketing kit that's designed to give you quick wins, time-saving resources, and ideas you can execute on the fly. Not as busy as you'd like to be? The tips and strategies in this kit will help you generate new business and keep your sales funnel full. Check it out:

New eBook: 21 ways to grow your network

Your real estate business is reflected by your network - a broad group of valuable connections can make the difference between a slow season and a booming one. But what if you're a new agent, in a new city, or everyone in your contacts list seems to have just bought a house or isn't moving any time soon? Then you have to get creative to find and connect with new people in your market. We've put together a free eBook to give you 21 innovative ways to grow your network. Check it out:

[Infographic] How to receive great testimonials

A great testimonial can be a powerful addition to your real estate or lending marketing. It shows that you're not just the words on your website, you're a real person who has made an impact on someone's life. But collecting testimonials can be tricky. It's hard to decide when to ask for one and how to do it. Luckily, the research has already been done. Check out this infographic from Neil Patel at Quicksprout on when and how to ask for testimonials - and what they can do for your business.