What your real estate marketing might be missing

Black Friday is just around the corner, and you might be planning to make a big purchase this holiday season - maybe a new TV, tablet, or jet ski. When you’re about to make a spend a lot of money, you’ll probably take the same first step as every other modern buyer - look up reviews online. When someone is thinking about purchasing or selling a home, likely the most expensive deal of their life, they’re going to do the same thing. That’s why if you aren’t actively requesting testimonials and promoting them, you could be missing a valuable marketing tool.

Saving our veterans in need

Pipeline ROI's parent company, a la mode, has partnered with veteran support charity, the Chesty Puller House, on a campaign to raise funding that will directly impact our country's veterans. Here's a memo from a la mode's Chairman, Dave Biggers. Thanks in advance for your help.

Social media news: Twitter Polls, Facebook Search FYI, and a YouTube without ads

It's been a big week for social media updates. You may have noticed polls popping up on Twitter and new options appearing in your Facebook search. And if sitting through another 30 second YouTube ad sounds unbearable, we have some good news for you. Here's what's happening in social media this week:

Webinar recap: 7 myths and realities of TRID

We had the opportunity to speak with Bill Kidwell, founder of IMMAAG and active mortgage broker, to discuss some common misconceptions about TRID. Bill discussed how TRID can have a positive influence on a lender's relationship with real estate professionals and clients. This event filled up quickly, so we've provided a full recording of the webinar. Check it out:

Webinar: 7 myths and realities of TRID with Bill Kidwell

Are you worried about how TRID will affect your marketing, or sweating about the potential extra days to the closing table? You're not alone. We've partnered with Bill Kidwell, founder of the IMPACT Mortgage Management Advocacy & Advisory Group, to bring you a 45 minute session on the myths and misconceptions about TRID, and how these regulations can positively affect your business by reducing surprises and increasing your successful closings. Register now: