Mortgage blogging spotlight, part one

In our ebook, 51 Blog Ideas for Mortgage and Lending Professionals, we highlight tons of different topics for mortgage professionals to blog about, from savings tips to rate changes. But there are so many more blog post ideas out there! We want to show you some real world examples of mortgage and lending professionals who are doing it right. These companies use their blog to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, while boosting their site’s search rankings. Here are four mortgage blogs to inspire you to write.

Save time online with our social media scheduler

Social media is an incredible way to discover potential new leads, interact with past clients and local businesses, and promote your brand online. But it can also be time-consuming if you aren't using the right tools. We've added a brand new feature to our inbound marketing platform for real estate to help make social media easier. You can now schedule posts to Twitter and Facebook in advance using our social media scheduler. Check it out!

Lending pros: Is blogging a part of your marketing strategy?

If you don't think blogging is beneficial for your mortgage or lending business, consider this: 81% of online consumer in the U.S. trust info and advice from blogs. When potential clients are browsing the Internet for information about their future loan, someone is going to be there with answers to these questions. Why not you? Here are 8 ways blogging can benefit your business, plus a free resource to help you get started!

4 places every mortgage pro needs to be social online

It’s clear that the mortgage industry has changed. As more people from the technological age become real estate professionals or home buyers, more and more research is done about you and your competition online. A key to growing your business with the new consumer is to get found online. Building your online brand can sound overwhelming or time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Being present and active on these 4 websites can help grow your influence online, and connect you with real estate professionals and potential clients in your market.

Top 10 real estate social media myths

There are dozens of different marketing strategies you can use to promote your real estate business. You might spend more of your time (and marketing budget) focusing on mailers, blogging, Google ads, or e-mail newsletters. But there's one type of marketing you might not be using: social media. You may have your reasons - you think your clients aren't on social media, you don't have time, or you can't track your ROI. But much of what you've been told about social media isn't true. We're here to crush these misconceptions and more. Check out these top 10 real estate social media myths: