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We could tell you about how our products and people are the best, but it means much more coming from your fellow agents, brokers, and mortgage professionals. Check out these Pipeline ROI reviews and testimonials to see what you can expect when you become a customer.
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“If you’re considering using Pipeline ROI, don’t think twice. Just do it!”
Greg, Waterford, CT

“I love that clients can go to my website and fill out applications online. It validates you as a Mortgage Loan Originator to be able to say, ‘If your schedule doesn’t allow you to apply during business hours, you can do it on my website anytime.’ I like that Pipeline ROI’s e-mail marketing tool is built right into the system – it has allowed me to get rid of Constant Contact and to market in one customer-friendly environment. No one “sold” me on Pipeline ROI. I saw a colleague’s e-mail signature and clicked the link to her website. I was amazed at the simplicity of it, and the ability to easily apply online. Big box lenders have that capability, but now so do I. Thank you Pipeline ROI for such a great product, friendly staff, and very fair pricing. I’ve recommended it to my colleagues!”

Gerald B., Port Charlotte, FL

“Having a mobile responsive site is hugely important since our customer base is using mobile devices. Our listings are displayed beautifully and we’re able to put important information at our clients’ fingertips. We had a great experience working with the design team and support staff. They are second to none – very customer service oriented and courteous. If you’re considering using Pipeline ROI, don’t think twice, just do it!”

Greg H., Waterford, CT

“I’m tremendously happy with the product and service. My website has gotten tons of compliments. As an agent who does both sales and property management, I find my site to be user-friendly, flexible, and professional. I’m in love with it!”

Cookie H., Arvada, CO

  • “What I really love about Pipeline ROI's Lead Manager is that it keeps my agents accountable for the leads they accept. I spend a lot of money to provide leads for my agents, and without some accountability, the lead and money could be lost. Pipeline ROI makes sure no leads get left behind.”

    Chris B., Grants Pass, OR

  • “In just three months using Pipeline ROI, we saw our conversion rate (closes) double! Plus, the staff is amazing. Thank you for an amazing product!”

    Renee B., Las Vegas, NV

  • “My website has given me an advantage over other agents when potential clients are shopping. I send new and existing clients to my page as a resource for common questions and helpful content. The support is super helpful and very easy to work with.”

    Terri T., Boulder, CO

“With the Lead Manager portion of Pipeline ROI, I know my agents are following up with all their leads, and I know which lead sources our closings come from. The staff has always been very timely and responsive, which in this industry, is huge.”

Kim K., Jacksonville, FL

“With the Lead Manager feature, I’m seeing agents gain a whole new perspective on leads and lead follow up – something I’d been working on for some time before implementing Pipeline ROI. We’re already taking a look at our lead sources and evaluating what’s worth it and what’s not. The metrics in Pipeline ROI make it easy.”

Matt S., San Antonio, TX

“I’ve had exceptional customer support and service – my questions always get answered effectively. The ability to send customized drip e-mail campaigns is excellent in helping me reach current and potential clients. I love it. I wish I would’ve switched sooner!”

Vickie F., Stanchfield, MN

“The analytics of the system gives me all the feedback and analysis I could possibly want. It even graphs our effectiveness with lead conversion. I love the versatility too. I literally customize its flow to exactly fit my operation. It's simple, yet exceptionally sophisticated.”

— Larry D., Escondido, CA

“People are impressed with my web site, and go out of their way to tell me. It definitely portrays me as a very savvy agent. If I don’t see value in something, I don’t spend, but Pipeline ROI is well worth the cost. I’m certain that prospective sellers have looked at my site to see if I’m worth giving their listing to. Even one listing gained easily makes it worth it. This site has gotten me business by quality and class, not luck. My interactions with the staff have been fabulous. They’re kind, patient, and genuinely care about helping me. Pipeline ROI takes care of their customers.”

Roxanne M., Healdsburg, CA

“The Lead Manager portion of Pipeline ROI is especially incredible for brokers. It’s the best method I’ve ever used to maintain leads. Everything is handled all in one place! I love being able to accept, assign, and manage leads, plus always stay on top of leads thanks to follow up reminders! The lead source metrics are truly impressive. I can track all my Internet lead expenses and what lead sources not only produce leads, but which ones produce GOOD LEADS!”

Ben R., Beaumont, TX

“I receive leads from all over the country. Buyers find me, I pre-approve them, and then send them to a REALTOR I know, or one with whom I want to get to know better. They are extremely appreciative and take excellent care of the borrowers, and they become very loyal partners. REALTORS also find me on the web when they are looking for a particular lender and product to help meet their buyers’ needs. This has built up my REALTOR relationships as well as my overall business. I have even learned to blog and I am amazed how many hits I have from just blogging.”

Sherry B., Sarasota, FL