5 sources for real estate social media content

5 sources for real estate social media content

The 4-1-1 rule. The 80/20 rule. There are dozens of social media guidelines explaining the fact that a social media feed should be more than a 24 hour megaphone of sales content. So if you’re not promoting your own pieces, what exactly are you supposed to share? Every audience is different. While some will engage with home decor and DIY projects, other markets may care more about local businesses. It’s best to experiment with different kinds of content and track what gets the most engagement. Here are 5 sources for great, shareable real estate content to get you started.

Home design sites: Ever wonder why HGTV and home improvement shows are so popular? People like looking at beautiful houses. They love to think about their dream house, and even find out DIY ways they can transform their own house to be a little more like it. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Houzz is the big kahuna of home design. It’s full of stories, buying guides, and pictures of absolutely stunning homes.
  • Curbed is the go-to for local architecture, new construction, and notable listings in large metros across the country.
  • House Beautiful is full of design and decor inspiration and news.
  • Design Milk is a notable blog about interior design, architecture, and the technology that goes with it.

Local businesses: If you’re trying to find and share content that your target market will care about, it’s smart to think hyperlocal. Share content from local businesses and prove that “local expert” line in your bio isn’t just real estate jargon. If you publish a review of a local restaurant on your blog or on Yelp, share a link to it from your social profiles. Is your favorite local shop having an anniversary sale? Let your followers know with some pictures of your favorite things in the store. Sharing some social media love with other local businesses can not only help grow your following, but build relationships with local business owners as well.

When you post about a local business, tag their Twitter account or check in to their location on Facebook. This will let the business know you were there or writing about them, and they’ll be more likely to see and share your posts, getting your name out to a broader audience.

Local blogs: Local bloggers are often one of the best sources for the latest and greatest in your area. They’re the ones being invited to new restaurants and checking out new shops, so it’s smart to keep a few of them on your reading list. Not sure who to follow? Do a quick Google or Twitter search for “Your city blog” and check out the top results. If you find some whose content you’d like to share often, it never hurts to send over an e-mail introducing yourself and telling them how much you like their blog. They’ll appreciate the compliment, and you never know, you may even make a business connection!

National news channels: If anyone’s in the market for buying or selling their home, they care about the state of the national housing market and mortgage rates. Follow a few reputable news sites on social media or add them to your social media scheduling tool. Then you can easily share any articles that are relevant for your target market. Here are some national news sites that often feature real estate updates:

Real estate influencers: You can’t stay on top of every breaking real estate news story, but there are people out there who can. These are the real estate influencers, the ones that seem to live-Tweet every conference and breaking news story in the industry. We’ve put together two lists of our favorite real estate influencers on Twitter. You can check them out here and here. Follow them to see what hot topics and articles they’re sharing, and stay on top of events and news your followers might want to know about.

What kinds of content resonates best with your social media audience? Leave a comment below and let us know!