5 Tips for Better Photos


I see lots of websites that are fantastic, well designed, and effective, but that have clearly forgotten about one of the most important reasons why people come to your website. Photos. Now you don’t need a super expensive camera system to take great pics and best showcase your listings. You just need a few tips and a little creativity. Here are some real estate photography tips that get you started:

Use natural lighting

Open the curtains so that you don’t have to use your camera’s built-in flash. Camera’s will never be able to fully light the room with just the build-in flash. Flash creates a unattractive glare within the photo. Change the settings on your camera to avoid using the flash as much as possible!

Also, Natural light get rid of the yellowish tinge most lights create. We suggest even turning off lights if there is enough natural light within the house.  Try your best to avoid dark areas and shadows!

Shoot Straight

Having a straight shoot, as opposed to tilted camera, is visually pleasing. When the camera is tilted vertical lines become distorted and look unprofessional. I would recommend using a tripod for stable, straight shooting shoots.

Show as much of the room as possible

Get as much of the room as you can in your shot. Do this by standing in the doorway, back into a corner, or up on a chair. Get creative, but keep it real. If you have a tripod, you will be able to place it inside those tricky corners.


You don’t need to include every photo! Select the best ones that give a great overview of the home. And there’s nothing wrong with cropping or enhancing the color in your photos, just keep them realistic.

Update often

Listed a home in February and it’s still on the market in June? Keep your photos current with the season. It doesn’t take much time to do a re-shoot, and the payoff is fresh SEO content, happier sellers, and much more.


This photo is using natural light, shooting straight, and showing as much of the room as possible

Shooting straight offers an aesthetically pleasing photo

Showing as much of the room as possible, shooting straight, and natural light