5 Twitter accounts real estate pros should follow

For a real estate agent or broker, the perfect Twitter account is one part personal content (think featured listings and links to your blog), two parts content from others (helpful articles like mortgage rates and home decor) and a generous helping of retweets from other real estate professionals and news sources. Posting your own thoughts and opinions is easy, but finding and creating valuable content to read and share is the hard part of social media engagement. Here are 5 accounts to keep you informed on the real estate industry, and spark conversations for you and your followers.

1. Inman News ( @InmanNews)

Inman News is hands-down one of the best sources for everything real estate. From marketing to technology to trends, Inman covers it all with the stats and facts to back it up. They also feature broker and agent guest writers, so you’ll discover lots of brilliant real estate professionals to follow by reading their daily articles.

What does a Zillow / Trulia merger mean for the industry? Learn what @bradInman thinks: http://t.co/P8Po0pfdiG

– Inman News (@InmanNews) July 25, 2014

2.Laura Monroe (@ LauraMonroe)

As the director of industry engagement and social media and a contributing editor for Inman News, Laura knows a thing or two about what to say to get people to listen to you. She’s an expert on creating conversations on social media, and her Twitter feed includes interactions with some brilliant real estate and marketing minds.

“You can’t serve tomato paste, you have to serve pizza!!! ” Valuable content-LOVE that analogy from @valeriegarcia1 @ConvosTMatter #CTM

– Laura Monroe (@LauraMonroe) July 27, 2014

3. Corcoran Group ( @Corcoran_Group)

If you want to see a brokerage that really _gets _Twitter, check out Corcoran Group. They link their Twitter account to other social networks like 4Square to make must-do lists like “Best happy hours” and “Things to do when it’s raining” in New York City. Instead of constantly rattling off “Just listed” tweets, they create valuable content for their over 18,000 followers to check out. Even if you weren’t in the market for a new home any time soon, you would still be interested in their helpful city tips. And if you were looking to buy a home in their city, you would want to get it from the local expert.

Have a date tonight but are low on cash? We’ve got the ultimate cheap date spot list that’s sure to impress: http://t.co/qOTe6hLIqS

– The Corcoran Group (@Corcoran_Group) July 29, 2014

4. Houzz ( @Houzz)

Looking for shareable content that your followers will love? This is the best source for renovation and decor articles and inspiration. Houzz is the Pinterest of home decor. Filled with beautiful images and discussion forums, home buyers will be able to get a better idea of what they’re looking for by browsing this site. Links to their articles are sure to spark conversation, and that’s exactly what social media is for.

9 Ways to Make Your Home Office Fabulous http://t.co/3GNbzzdawW pic.twitter.com/g74K7MM4hu

– houzz (@houzz) July 28, 2014

5. Nobu Hata ( @nobuhata)

As their director of digital engagement, Nobu Hata is a great resource for all things NAR®. He frequents real estate conferences around the country, and often live tweets about the speakers and discussion points. A self-proclaimed geek, Nobu also tweets real estate technology news and articles that will give you a great idea what’s up and coming in the industry.

A $350 infrared camera for your iphone…. and home inspections will never be the same. http://t.co/mDxJvbSdIn

– nobuhata (@nobuhata) July 25, 2014