7 real estate blog posts your customers want to read

Real estate agents are busy. Between scheduling open houses, responding to client inquiries, creating marketing campaigns, and submitting legal documents, you barely have time to catch a few hours of sleep. And now everyone expects you to blog?

Most of us aren’t natural-born writers. Odds are, your blogging process involves a lot of staring at your computer screen for half an hour after you get home from a long day of running around with clients, just waiting for that brilliant first sentence to jump out at you. But sometimes that first sentence never magically appears, and you feel like you’ve wasted your time. For those days when your brain just won’t write, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 killer blog post topics that you’ll be able to knock out in no time.

day in the life

1. A “Day in the Life” post

Most people have no idea what real estate agents do all day, they just wonder why it’s been 3 minutes since they sent you an information request and they haven’t heard back yet. Writing this post not only gives an inside look into your life as an agent, it shows potential clients you’ll go the extra mile to provide them all-star service. Do you always make time for a 6:30am yoga session, or taking your dog for a walk in the evening? Include that in your post! Showing a little bit of personality outside of your daily work tasks gives buyers and sellers the ability to connect with you on a personal level, and that will keep you top of mind.


2. A comparison of your local housing market to the national market

Is your area full of bargain homes? Or are homes selling for well above the national average? Here’s your chance to use some great stats and figures to show how smart it is to buy or sell a home in your city. Use statistics like average price, days on market, and square footage. If you’re looking for a great way to pull up stunning charts about homes in your area, check out our app RE:Focus Analytics.


3. The best pizza places in your city

Who doesn’t love pizza? Write reviews of your favorite places to grab a slice in your city. Think local! Link to their website or menu, local businesses will love the free publicity. Write a review on a website like Yelp, UrbanSpoon, or Google+ Local and link to that as well.


4. Myths about real estate

Think of all the things clients have told you in the past, like “We don’t need to stage our home, it looks great already” and “But foreclosures are _always _a better deal”, that are common misconceptions about real estate. This is an opportunity to show your knowledge and experience to potential clients.


5. Living with children in your city

Write about the schools, playgrounds, camps, and parks in your area. Families with children who are looking to move will likely research school districts, but until you live in an area, it’s hard to know all the ins and outs. Maybe there is a great snow cone stand, or a kid’s tennis camp that you’d recommend. Share it on social media (like you should be doing with all of your blog posts, anyway) and ask your followers to give their kid’s favorite places in the area. This should spark great conversation. Is there anything people love to talk about more than their kids? (Note: Just be sure and keep your descriptions compliant with fair housing guidelines).


6. Pet-friendly places in your city

Pets: the thing people without kids love to talk about the most. Give vet and groomer recommendations for your area. Write a review for a great restaurant with a Fido-friendly patio. Work with rental properties, or closely with someone who does? Link to some pet-friendly properties in your area. For someone just moving, they can be difficult to find. They’ll appreciate the help. Bonus points on this post for a cute picture of your furry friend.

day trip

7. A day trip spot not too far from your area

Take a day trip to a town or nature area not too far from your city (you deserve a mini-vacation, right?). Review a restaurant in the area or pack a picnic lunch. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your day! Whether it’s a great fishing spot or antique shop, locals will love to find out about a place they can go for a quick getaway! If you don’t know of any places near you, a quick Google search for “day trips from” your city should turn up a few options!