Introducing the all-new inbound marketing dashboard for mortgage professionals

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing for mortgage professionals

We’ve been hard at work creating our all-new inbound marketing dashboard for mortage professionals. This dashboard comes packed with all-new charts and insights that can improve your mortgage marketing. We’ve even added social sharing features that allow you to run your social media marketing without ever leaving the dashboard. Plus, all of your lending tasks are now organized in easy-to-navigate tabs, which means you’ll be able to spend less time on your marketing and more time closing deals. Here are some of the highlights:

Social media sharing from the Pipeline ROI mortgage inbound marketing dashboard
Social network connection for simple sharing: Social media is a valuable addition to any inbound marketing strategy, since it allows you to promote your website content and brand to a wider audience. That’s why we’ve made sharing to Facebook and Twitter possible straight from the dashboard. After connecting your social networks, you can share site pages, links to outside content, or posts from our inspiration page in just a few clicks.

eBook landing page on a Pipeline ROI mortgage website
eBook landing pages that turn anonymous visitors into leads: The selling point of inbound marketing is that you’re giving the consumer something of value in exchange for their contact information, and building a relationship with them in the process. What could be more valuable to a first-time home buyer than a helpful guide on the costs of closing a home? We’ve put this content together into eBooks, so all you have to do is choose a subject and start collecting leads.

Social media tracking on the Pipeline ROI mortgage inbound marketing dashboard
Social media tracking that helps you visualize your progress: The inbound marketing dashboard is packed with tools and analytics for your social media marketing. We’ve included an activity timeline that compiles all of your Tweets and Facebook posts that have been sent from the dashboard. You can also check your follower count, Retweets, and mentions on Twitter, and your clicks, comments, and likes on Facebook.

Inbound marketing training in the Pipeline ROI inbound marketing for mortgage professionals dashboard
Easy to navigate training videos to help you make the most of the product: We’ve created helpful, step-by-step videos that walk you through each button on the different tabs of the dashboard. If you need a walkthrough or refresher on how a certain feature works, help is only a click away.

There are dozens of other features built into the Pipeline ROI mortgage dashboard that allow you to take control of your business through inbound marketing. We’re giving you the tools and training to grow your business through modern marketing methods, and start closing more deals.

If you’re a current mortgage customer: You can access the new dashboard by simply going to Your Website For example, if your website was, you would simply visit From here, you can log in with your current Username and Password and see the new dashboard.

If you’re a current real estate customer: Have you heard about our Pipeline ROI Rewards program? You can refer mortgage professionals to us, and you’ll get credit for 50% of what they spend, with no limit.

Not a customer? You can see a live demo of Pipeline ROI and find out pricing information and more by e-mailing us at You can also give us a call at 866-300-1550.