Another Major Pipeline ROI Update

We just released another update full of improvements for Pipeline ROI. This update includes improvements to lead notifications, lead follow-up workflow, lead sorting, and support for new lead sources. And as always this update is completely free and applied automatically to all of our customers.

Check out the full list of improvements below:

  • Customize lead info shown to agents – You can now customize which information (name, e-mail, phone, price, location, or extra comments) is shown to agents BEFORE they accept a lead. So if you want agents to see every detail on a lead before they accept, you can now do that. Or if you’d rather suppress some information to prevent cherry picking you can do that as well. This not only helps ensure the right leads get to the right agents – especially with different locations – but also allows your agents to see only the information you deem relevant to accept/decline a lead.
  • Never search for new leads again – Now each time you visit your leads overview page, Pipeline ROI will sort the leads from newest to oldest automatically. There’s no more hunting the newest leads down to contact them during the important first hours after a lead is generated. Pipeline ROI brings them right to the top automatically.
  • Tap to call lead – Agents now have an easy, quick way to dial the phone number of a lead. Just open the lead’s profile and tap the call button next to the lead’s phone number! This button appears on the mobile site we designed specifically for your agents to manage their leads. This great new feature helps agents contact leads quicker, even when they aren’t at their desk.
  • Tap to e-mail lead – Agents can also start an e-mail to a lead directly from Pipeline ROI. A button now appears next to a lead’s e-mail when you open a lead profile on agent mobile site. Just tap the button and up pops an e-mail with the lead’s address already filled in for you. This is a huge time saver for agents as they can quickly send an e-mail to a lead in the field with little effort.
  • New iFrame lead capture forms – You can now create lead capture forms in an iFrame. This option allows lead capture forms to work better on some websites that don’t allow or work well with straight HTML lead capture forms.
  • Easy-to-read phone numbers and prices – The phone number on a lead profile will now appear in an easy-to-read format. All you have to do is type in the digits, 1234567890, and Pipeline ROI will clean it up, (123) 456-7890. We’ve cleaned up pricing numbers too. Just type a price, 1234567, and Pipeline ROI automatically formats it into a nice and neat $1,234,567.
  • New lead sources – Diverse Solutions and unbounce leads can now be imported into Pipeline ROI via e-mail. All you have to do is direct lead notification e-mails from Diverse Solutions or unbounce to your unique import address ( and Pipeline ROI will automatically import the leads for you.