Marketing Secret: Creating a Niche

In marketing terms we call this ” Niche Marketing” (you’ve probably also heard the term hyperlocal). The gist of it, though, is that if you’re trying to hit too many targets at once then you’re going to be spreading yourself too thin to really gain much ground. You’re trying to compete in too many areas, and it’s a lot of work to go after everything (especially if you ever decide to do any paid marketing). You’re going to end up diluting your message by being a “jack of all trades” when most shoppers are really looking for an “ace” in their specific situation.


  • simple

The best websites are simple, and should feel like “home” to the visitor. They should feel like they’re in exactly the right place for what they needed. If you have 80 pages clients will feel overwhelmed. So just pick a few pages to go after – Home, Listings, About us, Blog, and Contact.

  • relevant

Before you post, or make changes to your website/social media/ etc. ask yourself what do my clients look for in my business? Post about home buying experience, or listing in your area, even local events would be helpful! stay away from irreverent information that brings the wrong people to your website/social media/etc.

Facebook Ads

  • More specific the better

DO NOT just pay for a post without creating a niche audience. A standard pay post will show your real estate services to anyone and everyone (including: teenagers, people who already own a home, people not in your area). Create a very niche ad that reaches people who are looking/wanting your services.

This video is a must watch to learn the secretes of generating more leads through Facebook: 

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