Everyone’s talking about goals. What about your brand?

With a new year comes a new goal. Most agents simply want more leads, more listings, and to make more money. All of that is fantastic, but if you’re struggling with “what’s next” maybe it’s time to revisit the basics…your brand. Your brand is simple. It’s who you are and what you do-in the way you’ve chosen. So it’s important to take the right steps when building it (or revisiting it), then you can get back to making your goals for the year. Here are a few ways to get started:

Write a mission statement

O.K., so this doesn’t have to be all sappy and that you want to help every abandoned newborn duckling find a home in the brush near fresh water. It can be as simple as, “Sell as many houses as I can, and have fun with my clients.” Doing this helps you see what’s important to your business.

Find your ‘thing’

  • Benefits of your services
  • Qualities you want associated with your business

What is it that you provide on a consistent basis, for all of your clients that the average agent doesn’t? Knowing your business strengths and weaknesses helps here too. For an industry like real estate where you’re working independently, it pays to use your personality to brand your business. Personally, I relocated to Oklahoma City with a young family. I know how to help people move here. I know the schools, kid friendly developments, parks, and kid friendly activities throughout the year. And I know all of that because I went through it. It would have been heaven if someone would have given me that knowledge, but instead, I’ll pass it on to others in the same position.

Create Brand Standards for your Marketing Material

Use the same color scheme, logo placement, and overall design on every piece of marketing material you make.  Be consistent with your brand identity, and theme of marketing material is the most important rule! over time customers will begin to recognize your brand, and create top of mind thinking for your business.

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Put your brand first

Well, after great customer service, anyway. Your branding should be evident in everything you do. From your social media efforts to your printed materials, you’ve got to stay consistent. I’ve even seen people who’ve branded themselves with a specific color. The point is to integrate it with everything, and be consistent.