Forbes says we’re transforming the industry

It’s not everyday that Forbes highlights a tech company in the real estate sector. It’s even rarer when they toss around phrases like, “transforming the industry”, and “industry titan.” But that’s exactly how they talked about us in their article, ” 12 Companies Transforming Their Industries“.

We’re flattered and humbled to be listed with companies like Spotify, Asana, and Uber. But we’re also extremely proud. Our team works tirelessly building products that make our customers successful. And even though our company has been around for 28 years, we feel like we’re only getting started. Pipeline ROI and RE:Focus Analytics are our youngest products and we think they’ve got limitless potential for making our customers more productive and successful.

Normally, we wouldn’t pat ourselves on the back like that. But since Forbes started it, we’ll go ahead and agree with them. 🙂