Webinar: 7 myths and realities of TRID with Bill Kidwell

Free webinar on TRID with Bill Kidwell

Are you worried about how TRID will affect your marketing, or sweating about the potential extra days to the closing table? You’re not alone. We’ve partnered with Bill Kidwell, founder of the IMPACT Mortgage Management Advocacy & Advisory Group, to bring you a 45 minute session on the myths and misconceptions about TRID, and how these regulations can positively affect your business by reducing surprises and increasing your successful closings.

Join us on Wednesday, October 28th, for a free webinar where Bill will tackle some of the biggest questions you might have about TRID. If you ask anyone involved in a home loan what they want the closing to be, they’ll say two things – predictable and quick. A home closing without surprises is a successful one. TRID requires all parties involved in a home loan to communicate effectively and get on the same page. We’ll cover this topic and more, and you’ll leave with an increased assurance that TRID can be a benefit for your business, instead of just another regulation.

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