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Help a la mode fund the Chesty Puller House veteran aid

Pipeline ROI’s parent company, a la mode, has partnered with veteran support charity, the Chesty Puller House, on a campaign to raise funding that will directly impact our country’s veterans. Here’s a memo from a la mode’s Chairman, Dave Biggers. Thanks in advance for your help.

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every single day. That’s one every hour. That’s so many that, last year alone, veteran suicide claimed more American lives than the 14 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

That’s simply unacceptable. They did their job, and now it’s time to do ours. That’s why we’re raising at least $500,000 for The Chesty Puller House, an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit company dedicated to addressing the scourge of veteran suicide.

“It started with five Marines trying to save one’s life and quickly grew into 3000 offering to drive anywhere, any time, to save the next one.” That’s what one of our customers, who first told me about Chesty Puller House, had to say about it, and it hooked me right away. As an Army brat myself, the son of a Vietnam veteran, I was committed the moment I heard it. I believe, like most of you, that a grassroots organization can be far more effective than government programs alone. And I have faith this one will do just that.

As evidence of that faith, I’m personally matching up to $250,000 of your donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Since I’m doubling whatever you give, please do as much as possible for maximum effect. Let’s get the full $500,000, and hopefully more, to this life-saving organization. You can learn more about Chesty Puller House, and then quickly make your donation, at at

To donate, you don’t have to be an a la mode customer. You just have to care about the veterans that we depend on every day to keep us safe.

Why the name? Marine Corps Lieutenant General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller was a legend to all Marines and all veterans in the years before and after WWII. With an incredible five Navy Crosses, along with a Distinguished Service Cross awarded by the Army, Chesty became the only veteran ever to receive so many of our nation’s second-highest recognitions of valor, below only the Medal of Honor. And yet bravery couldn’t save Chesty’s family from suffering exactly what we’re fighting here. His son, Lewis, severely wounded in Vietnam, committed suicide in 1994. He became one of the “twenty-two” that we’re fighting for today.

That twenty-two can be reduced to zero by the work of one: You. You can tell all your friends about the donations page at You can forward this email to everyone that you know. You can push me past the $250,000 dollar-for-dollar match limit by showing me that you won’t stop at $500,000. So, I’m counting on you. And the twenty-two are counting on you as well.

We CAN make this happen. We WILL make this happen. At this time of year, when petty politics and holiday consumerism all too often overshadow the somber remembrance of Veterans Day, we MUST make this happen.

I believe in putting my money where my heart is. And from the bottom of that heart, I thank you in advance for anything you do to help. Visit the donations page at and let’s get going.

Dave Biggers
a la mode, inc.

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