How to create Facebook ads for real estate lead generation [VIDEO]

How to create Facebook ads for real estate lead generation

At some point, we’ve probably all burned with anger at Facebook about something. But when it comes to online ad targeting, they’re really good. Think about it…people on the platform willingly supply all kinds of information about themselves. It’s really an advertiser’s dream. Facebook also uses some third party data to help make their targeting even better. When it comes to real estate marketing, if you haven’t at least tried advertising on Facebook, you could potentially be missing out on a valuable lead source. What’s great is, you can easily test the waters with whatever budget you see fit – there are no minimums.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to create Facebook ads for real estate, plus give you a few ideas for specific campaigns to try.

We’re specifically going to look at creating a Facebook ad focused on lead generation. There are ads you can run to get more “likes” of your Facebook page, but I think we can agree that a lead is greater than a “like” in most cases.

In the following video, I’ll show you the process of creating a Facebook ad. NOTE: The landing page I use in this example is just a sample page. You’ll want to use a page on your own website for your ad. Pipeline ROI customers: click here to see how to easily create a landing page from your dashboard.

When it comes to targeting your Facebook ad, of course you can use all the typical demographic and geographic data, but did you know you could also target people who are more likely to move, or people who are currently renting? The video below will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create a Facebook ad for real estate lead generation.

In the video, I show an example of a campaign targeting renters who may be considering buying their first home. With all the available targeting options, you can get really creative with the campaigns you run, but here are a few ideas to get you started. NOTE: Make sure and have lead capture set up on every page you send someone to from your ads.

  • Seller-targeted – Use an ad with a title like “What is my Naples home worth?” and point it to a landing page where you offer a home value report.

  • FSBO-targeted – Use an ad targeted at FSBO sellers that links to a landing page offering information about why using a real estate agent will make their selling process faster and easier, and offer them an eBook or a free consultation.

  • Niche-targeted – You can use the Facebook ad targeting demographics to shoot for a specific niche, such as luxury. Just set the “income range” to what you want to target. The possibilities here are endless. You can target retirees, people who’ve lived in their home a certain amount of time, people classified as “real estate investors” and more.

  • Neighborhood-targeted – Create an ad targeted at a specific neighborhood you farm (or want to farm) and use pictures from the actual neighborhood, and offer something like a page of current listings in that neighborhood, or a downloadable neighborhood report.

Like I mentioned, the possibilities are unlimited. Be creative and test out your ideas with small budgets to see how things go, then ramp up if you see potential.

UPDATE: Facebook just released a new ads manager app for iOS that lets you create and manage Facebook ads right from your iPhone or iPad. It makes the whole process super simple, and you can adjust things on the fly. Check it out here – Facebook Ads Manager iOS app.