Hurricane Harvey Relief: How we’re helping (and you can too!)

As we watch the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey unfold, there’s one thing we can all agree on: We want to help. Our parent company and leading real estate appraisal technology provider, a la mode, has stepped up to the plate in a big way. They’ve donated $100,000 to localized Hurricane Harvey relief, and are raising matching funds as well as filling a 22-foot moving truck full of supplies to drive directly to designated evacuation centers in Dallas, TX.

We’re thrilled to be part of this effort, and we’d love for you to join in. The response we’re seeing from the real estate industry as a whole is inspiring. We’ve created a page where you can easily donate directly to the relief efforts at We’re also accepting donations of physical goods at our operations center in Oklahoma City to fill the truck that’s leaving later this week. Click here for more information on what supplies are needed and when/where to drop them off.

Click here to read the full press release.