Introducing the brand new inbound marketing dashboard

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard shown on MacBook

We’ve been hard at work creating the most intuitive, easy-to-use inbound marketing tool for real estate professionals. We’re excited to introduce the all new inbound marketing dashboard. The dashboard is specifically designed to make it incredibly simple to accomplish your most important marketing tasks. You will be able to spend more time and effort on what you love to do – interact face to face with clients and sell houses. The entire product is focused on bringing you more leads through inbound marketing techniques, then giving you the tools you need to nurture relationships and close more deals. Here are some of the highlights:

Enhance your online presence with a mobile-friendly website, filled to the brim with compelling, unique content. Did you know over half of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices? That’s why we designed our websites to look just as beautiful on a smartphone as they do on a desktop. All Pipeline ROI websites come packed with over 100 pages of pre-written content. Simply click ‘Publish website content page’ in the ‘Publish’ tab of the dashboard, and choose from any of our options. Our patented Ghostwriter technology rewrites content pages to ensure no two people have the exact same content. Choose the ones that best suit your audience, then you can also write and add additional pages if you’d like.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard website content example

Connect your social networks to Pipeline ROI for simple sharing. Any time you want to share a listing, open house, blog post, or other content from your site, you can simply go to the ‘Publish’ tab of the dashboard, then select what type of content you’d like to share. You’ll see a drop down list of of options to select the content you want to share, then you’ll be able to customize your post and select if you’d like to share it to your Facebook profile, business Page, or Twitter account. You’re now able to promote your website through social media without ever leaving the Dashboard.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard social sharing example

Set up flexible capture forms to convert visitors into leads. The content you create and share will draw visitors to your website, but you have to collect their information and convert them into leads. You can do this through flexible lead capture that can be placed on any page of your website, or through an eBook landing page. We’ve written targeted eBooks that buyers and sellers can easily download by filling out a quick capture form. Simply choose which eBook you want on your website, and start collecting leads. To do this, click ‘eBook landing page’ under the ‘Capture’ tab in your dashboard.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard lead capture example

Nurture leads with targeted messages. Choose from any of our hundreds of pre-written, customizable e-mail messages to send to your contacts. Create and schedule your own campaigns, or choose from any that we’ve created. You can target your messages for buyers, sellers, and past clients. To do this, click ‘e-mail campaign manager’ under the ‘Nurture’ tab in your dashboard.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard Promoter example

Track your leads and improve ROI. Using Lead Manager, a single agent is able to track the results from each lead source, such as their website, Zillow, or, and see which are producing the best results. This will help you spend your marketing dollars on leads that are providing the highest ROI. Brokers can track lead source performance, and also keep individual agents accountable for their leads. Lead Manager allows brokers to intelligently route leads to agents based on price, area, or other qualifiers, ensuring the right agent gets the right leads. You can then track leads from origin to close, seeing contact notes and response times for each contact.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard Lead Manager example

The Pipeline ROI dashboard gives you the tools and training you need to take control of your business through inbound marketing.

If you’re a current customer: You can access the new dashboard by simply going to Your Website For example, if your website was, you would simply visit From here, you can log in with your current Username and Password and see the new dashboard.

Not a customer? You can see a live demo of Pipeline ROI and find out pricing information and more by e-mailing us at You can also give us a call at 866-300-1550.

Interested in learning more about inbound marketing? Download our free eBook, Everything you need to know about inbound marketing for real estate. It’s packed with best practices and simple tips that can improve your marketing.