Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing has one of the highest return on investments; according to Direct marketing Association, it yields an estimated 4,300% return on investment. For just 1 dollar spent on email marketing there is an average return of 44 dollars!

Most people believe Email Marketing is dead because our inbox is filled with unread/annoying/spam emails every single day. Did you know the average person gets 121 emails every single day?

We may delete 90% of our Emails without even opening them, but  emails you read are beneficial to you. Overall, the number show that Emails generate sales.

Emails Work

  • Email create 17% of sales (driving more sales than display ads and social media) during Black Friday of 2016.
  • Exact Target research states that 77% of customers prefer email marketing over text message and social media.
  • Estimated 90% of consumers check emails at least once a day on there smartphones
  • Email is the preferred means of business communications across all age groups. (MarketingSherpa)
  • Email is 40 times more likely to acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (McKinsey)

Email Marketing works, but your strategy might not

75% of leads aren’t ready to buy or apply when you first receive their Email. That is why creating the right Email marketing strategy is the best way to nurture those leads to the closing table. Watch this 5min video to learn how to create a smarter email marketing campaign.

1.Create Marketing Groups

Tie specific lead capture forms to different Email Campaigns. Emails will automatically be filtered into the campaigns that fit their needs. For example, a person giving you their information to find the perfect house should receive different emails than a person who gave their information to learn when is the best time to sell a house


Make sure your emails are personal like the customer’s name so they know it’s just for them! Pipeline ROI Promoter tool makes it easy to pull in information like a customer’s first, and last name when sending large email blast.

3.Help now, and  Sell Later

Avoid the sales pitch when you receive their Email. Clients will keep read your Emails if they are beneficial to them. Create Emails that are informational in the buying, or selling process. Then, start selling your services once you build trust.

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