Mobilegeddon is here. Is your real estate or lending website ready?

Mobilegeddon is here: Is your real estate or lending website ready?

April 21st will go down as the day Google declared mobile-friendliness is a big deal. They’ve officially rolled out their latest algorithm update and have started “boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results.” When a user searches Google from a mobile device, they’ll be directed primarily to mobile-friendly websites. This update comes after a long list of Google tools and algorithm tweaks designed to improve user experience on a mobile device. But this update is more than just a boost to user experience. If your real estate or lending website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, this update could have a big impact on your search rankings and ultimately traffic to your site.

To find out if your site is affected by this update, run your site through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If you get a green checkmark, you’re good to go! Your site is mobile-friendly and won’t be affected by this update. If you get a red “Not mobile-friendly,” then you’ve got some work to do. Check out our article on Inman for ideas on what to look for and how to get your site updated.

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