Mortgage blogging spotlight, part one

Mortgage blogging spotlight

In our ebook, 51 Blog Ideas for Mortgage and Lending Professionals, we highlight tons of different topics for mortgage professionals to blog about, from savings tips to rate changes. But there are so many more blog post ideas out there! We want to show you some real world examples of mortgage and lending professionals who are doing it right. These companies use their blog to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, while boosting their site’s search rankings. Here are four mortgage blogs to inspire you to write.

Guardian Mortgage

Guardian Mortgage

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Guardian Mortgage was started in 1965 by Jack Sweet as a young home builder in Grand Blanc, Michigan who wanted to improve the mortgage experience for home buyers. Their blog is a reflection of the face-to-face customer experience, it offers advice on which loan options best fit their needs and walks them through each step of the loan process. Their blog posts are a mix of education, hyper-local for SEO, and interesting content for homeowners. You can also find Guardian Mortgage on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Blog posts from Guardian Mortgage:

VITEK Mortgage Group

Vitek Mortgage

From its headquarters in Sacramento, CA, mortgage banker VITEK Mortgage Group continues to grow and expand with new branch locations throughout California and Washington. Their blog posts are a mix of answering mortgage questions, company news, and giving a human face to their corporate brand. They do a great job of utilizing infographics (like from the California Association of Realtors) as a launching point for some blog posts. You’ll see an infographic and a paragraph or two explaining the data and sharing why it matters and is important to the home-buyer. Their employee spotlight is personal and meaningful. You can also find the VITEK Mortgage Group on Facebook and Twitter.

Blog posts from VITEK Mortgage Group:

The Mettle Group at Citywide Home Loans

The Mettle Group at Citywide Home Loans

13 years ago, Josh Mettle was ‘burned’ by a loan officer and decided to become a mortgage professional to “treat my clients the way I’d want to be created”. The Mettle Group, located in Salt Lake City, UT, specializes in finding mortgages for recently graduated medical students. They know their audience and do a great job crafting blog posts and content to attract borrowers who are high-net worth. You’ll see an emphasis on saving money with lower interest rates, renting vs. owning for the recent med-school graduate with tons of student debt, and promoting an active brand and lifestyle. You can find The Mettle Group on Twitter and Google+.

Blog posts from The Mettle Group:

Dan Green-The Mortgage Reports

Dan Green - The Mortgage Reports

Dan Green lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is known nationally for his mortgage market opinions and expert loan advice. Dan started blogging in 2004 on different websites that eventually became The Mortgage Reports. He started blogging because it was a convenient way to stay-in-touch with existing clients and to be active in reaching new ones. The Mortgage Reports garners several hundred thousand visits per month, helping millions of U.S. homeowners with their mortgage questions yearly.

The website was created and is maintained by the full service lead generation agency, The Full Beaker. Visually, it’s easy to use and looks great on mobile. The website may be out of the budget constraints of many independent mortgage brokers, but the content can be inspiration for what is possible on your local website.

Dan has thousands of mortgage-related posts on The Mortgage Reports ranging from basic to insight into the market. You’ll see from the titles, each post attempts to answer specific questions that a home owner or a prospect may have about the mortgage process. He also makes great use of charts and visuals. You can find Dan on Twitter and Facebook.

Blog posts from Dan Green:

We hope these four mortgage blogs have inspired you to write! If you have any more questions about blogging for your mortgage and lending business, simply leave us a comment below or e-mail us at