Need blogging inspiration? Check out these 5 popular real estate blogs

Need blogging inspiration? Check out these 5 popular real estate blogs

There are few things more intimidating than a blank piece of paper (or in 2015, a blank note in Evernote). Whether you’re stuck in a writing rut, or you’ve never taken the plunge to start blogging in the first place, we’re here to give you the inspiration you need to get going. Check out these 5 popular real estate blogs that are doing it right, and get ideas to implement on your own blog. Plus, check out our free blogging resource at the end of the post!

Max Real Estate Exposure

It’s hard to read anything about the real estate industry without seeing Bill Gassett’s name. The guy is everywhere. He’s truly set himself apart as a thought leader by producing great content and sharing it smartly. His approach is different than many others in real estate since he doesn’t focus specifically on local content for his blog. He instead creates general industry content so helpful that other agents are likely to pin, Tweet, or share his posts to their followers, which is constantly growing his audience and influence.

Idea to implement: Bill links to lots of other pages throughout every post. For example, in an article on how to get the best mortgage, he links to a article on mortgage brokers, a myFICO article on improving your credit scores, 2 of his own blog posts, and tons more pages. This gives readers other content to check out, and gives his posts more authority. Try linking to related content in each of your blog posts to add credibility.

Rochester Real Estate Blog

The father son duo of Keith and Kyle Hiscock write for this Western New York real estate blog. What I like most about their blog is the combination of technical posts, like local real estate reports, with more shareable content like “Top 10 Reasons Why Your Purchase Offer was Rejected” (This post was shared over 1,000 times!) This variety of content is great for a potential client who is skimming through their blog, because it shows their knowledge of both the local market and the buying and selling process overall.

Idea to implement: Rochester Real Estate includes a clear, simple subscription box above the fold in their blog. If your real estate blog doesn’t have a subscription bar, get one! Whether you utilize a link at the bottom of every post, a sidebar, or a third-party tool like a Hello Bar, you’ll likely benefit from implementing a subscription option. By growing your subscription list, you’ll increase recurring traffic to your site.

St. Paul Real Estate Blog

Teresa Boardman is a real estate broker in St. Paul who often writes for other real estate publications like Inman, Trulia Pro, and The Real Estate Tomato. What makes this real estate blog stand out? Consistency. Teresa blogs nearly every single day on everything from new construction and local events to more evergreen content like deciding the best offer on a home and what it means to be a real estate agent.

Idea to implement: As an avid photographer, Teresa is able to integrate her photography into her blog. If a potential client skims through her blog, they’ll know she won’t be providing low quality iPhone photos for their listing. If you’re a talented photographer, include your photos in your blog. They won’t just be eye catching, they’ll show off your ability to market a house and neighborhood.

Inside San Francisco Real Estate

San Francisco REALTOR Eileen Birmingham writes about trends, tips, and insights in one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country. She provides valuable local content on her blog that’s tailored to the unique San Francisco market, such as earthquake insurance info and TIC ownership advice. This goes a step beyond simply writing about buying and selling houses, since these are things that someone considering moving to San Francisco might search on Google before ever looking for an agent.

Idea to implement: Eileen has integrated her website with Yelp a few different ways. In the blog’s sidebar, you can find her on Yelp and quickly see reviews. When she receives a new review, it also goes up as a post on the blog, with a grateful note to the client. If you have stellar reviews on another site like Eileen does (She has a 5 star average with 30 reviews on Yelp!) then you should definitely consider linking to it. This will help build trust with potential clients reading your blog.

Herd: The Houlihan Lawrence Blog

Brokers, take note: Houlihan Lawrence has mastered the art of the company blog. Their posts include reblogs linking to posts written by their agents, notable listings, and write-ups on local residents. What really makes this blog special is the way their content gives readers a real look into what it’s like to live in their area. They serve a very high-end market and their website style and content reflects that luxury. Read through a few posts and you’ll know exactly what it would be like to live in one of their properties north of New York City.

Idea to implement: A company-wide blog is a great way to drive traffic to your agents’ sites and get them leads. By promoting their posts on your page, you’re also rewarding agents who make an effort to create content. An inbound link to their blog from your website and increased traffic can help boost their search engine rankings.

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