New in Pipeline ROI: Auto-responders, marketing campaigns, rental leads, and new sources

Pipeline ROI is perfect not only for monitoring your pipeline and managing your team but also for improving your brand through better, faster service and boosting your conversion rate over time. Today’s update takes two excellent steps forward in those later two areas.

Check out the bullet points below see all the details. If you have any questions or comments e-mail us at

  • Instantly and automatically respond to every lead – You can now enable autoresponder e-mails to be sent to leads as soon as they enter the system or right as an agent accepts them. By responding to leads as soon as they are generated you ensure they stick with your company for business and not look for someone else. Even better, you can send a follow up e-mail once an agent accepts the lead containing that agent’s name, phone, e-mail, and picture. So, all of your leads will feel comfortable knowing exactly who they’re working with and how to reach them.

You can even customize your autoresponders for each source. Let’s say you’re bringing your IDX leads into Pipeline ROI but your IDX already sends out a nice, effective autoresponder when leads register. Not a problem. You can choose to only send an autoresponder for your IDX source in Pipeline ROI when an agent accepts the lead. Now leads will receive the welcome autoresponder you want AND one notifying them of the agent they are working with.

It’s the perfect introduction to your company.
Convert more leads with ongoing e-mail marketing campaigns – This feature is sure to close you more deals. XSellerate is our automated e-mail marketing system for real estate professionals. Now, from Pipeline ROI, you can easily add leads to marketing campaigns you’ve created in XSellerate. Your agents won’t have any trouble keeping up with leads that don’t provide a phone number or leads that are looking to buy down the road. Just assign the leads to a drip e-mail campaign and your agents are in touch automatically until the lead is ready to move forward.

Even better, you can market to “Closed” leads as well. Since Pipeline ROI rounds up all your leads in one place, that means you have your best sources for referrals in one place too. Just make sure they get assigned to a marketing campaign and you’re set!

XSellerate is an additional purchase, but it’s well worth it. For more info on XSellerate, give us a call at 1-800-ALAMODE or click here.
New “Rental” lead type – In addition to “Buyer” or “Seller”, you can now label leads as “Rental”. This will not only help better organize your leads, but also allow you to filter your metrics on just “Rental” leads.
New Lead Source – LinkURealty leads can now be automatically added to the system via e-mail. Just direct your LinkURealty lead notification e-mails to your Pipeline ROI import address and Pipeline ROI will automatically add the leads for you.

As always this update is completely free for all of our customers and are available in our products right now. We hope you start using them today to close more deals, boost your revenues, and turn more profit than ever before.