One thing real estate and mortgage pros must do now that Trump is president

One thing real estate and mortgage pros must do now that Trump is president


Regardless of whether or not you are happy with the outcome, I think we can all agree it’s nice the election season has finally come to a close.


Now that it’s over, the storyline has switched from that of an anticipation about who will win to an anticipation of just what our new leader will bring to the table.

So far, the general consensus seems to be the same as it ever was about Donald Trump – we just aren’t sure.

And while that unsureness applies to a wide variety of topics – from foreign policy to social issues to Supreme Court appointments, mortgage and real estate pros are particularly curious (and particularly anxious) about the next president’s effect on the housing industry.

If there’s anything that doesn’t sit well with the markets, it’s uncertainty. And, yet, that’s exactly the state in which we’ve found ourselves.

So, what are real estate and mortgage pros to do?

Well, my advice to you can be summed up in three words made famous by everyone’s favorite cartoon fish: “just keep swimming.”


Or, more appropriately, “just keep marketing.”

I’ve found that the tendency for many of us when we approach unpredictable territory is to simply stand still.

It’s really only natural.

It can be extremely difficult to move full steam ahead when we just don’t know what’s further up on the tracks.

However, that’s where your opportunity lies.

Your competitors are ultimately no different than you.

They’re also unsure. They’re also anxious. They’re also standing still.

You can either stand with them, or you can leave them in your dust.


Especially when it comes to your marketing, this situation indirectly provides you with a rare chance to take advantage of that market uncertainty.

When real estate and mortgage pros become unsure and pull back in terms of their businesses, some of the first things to go are their marketing efforts.

They don’t know what’s going to happen down the line, so they stop working on setting up future business in their pipeline.

This is a HUGE mistake.

big mistake

Ask yourself this question: Do I plan on still working in this industry in the coming months?

If the answer is yes, then it should be completely counterintuitive for you to stop marketing your services to anyone and everyone you can.

People are still going to need homes. People are still going to need mortgages for those homes. People are still going to need you.

You have the chance now to make your voice louder than it ever has been.

Run those ads, start some e-mail drip marketing campaigns, use social media to spread your message, and keep coming up with content to bring in more leads.

Not only can your voice be the loudest, it can also be the most reassuring.

Remember, it’s not just you who is experiencing anxiety over the future of housing. Your customers are, too.

What better way to build the level of trust between yourself and your local consumer than by combating their nervousness with an air of certainty and professionalism?

If you come across as confident and calm (regardless of how you actually feel), they’ll reflect that positivity.

At the end of the day, it’s really all about pushing through the noise and taking control of what will make your business a success.

Yes, you ultimately do not control the way the housing market goes over the next four years. But you absolutely do have control over how you handle it.

Success in this industry is always determined by who’s willing to do the work and to go the extra mile.

Don’t allow yourself to be overshadowed, especially in such a critical and tumultuous time.

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