Pipeline ROI Update: Big improvements to importing, routing, notifications, and metrics

We just posted a huge new update to Pipeline ROI. This update spans improvements to lead importing, lead routing, notifications, metrics, and everything in between. These are excellent improvements, and as always we’re happy to provide them to all our customers completely free of charge.

Check the list below to see everything we’ve improved in the July 17th Update.

No more duplicate leads – If a new lead matches the e-mail or phone number of an existing lead, we can safely assume it’s a duplicate. Pipeline ROI will add the information from the new lead (contact info, comments, etc.) to the existing lead’s notes section. Then, the assigned agent will receive a notification informing them of a new inquiry for one of their leads.

This is very useful with IDX leads. Now any additional notifications concerning an existing lead in Pipeline ROI such as saved searches or favorite listings will go to the assigned agent.

Route by location – Pipeline ROI now recognizes locations in the e-mails you get from your lead sources. So now you can route leads from e-mails by location. Just make sure you go to your “Settings” under the “Locations Served” tab and set up your locations first so we know what to look for.

Route by prices, too – Pipeline ROI also sees and imports prices from the e-mails you send into Pipeline ROI. This not only saves a step in data entry, but also allows you to route those leads to agents by price, which is incredibly useful. To set up specialties for an agent like locations or prices, just open their profile and click on the “Specialties” tab.

New rejected/missed lead workflow – Previously, leads that were rejected or missed by agents would continually re-route among the list of receiving agents until someone accepted it. This created two problems. First, agents didn’t like it because it generated a lot of unnecessary e-mails and text messages that were all for the same lead. Second, it meant there was no way for the broker in charge to know when a lead was ignored or rejected by all agents. So valuable leads were just floating around in space, not being followed up with, and that’s a problem.

Now, leads will only go through the list of agents on a source ONE time. If no agent accepts the lead, then the broker is notified that the lead was missed or rejected by all agents.

Better routing labels – Previously, on the Leads Overview page, a lead appeared as unassigned even if it was being offered to agents or sitting in the Shark Tank. Now, labels appear on the Leads Overview page showing when a lead is “In Shark Tank” and when it is “Routing Now”.

Better notification for agents – Agents can now decide if they would like to get the full information (via e-mail) or basic contact info (via text message) sent to them AFTER they accept a lead. This allows agents to easily and quickly view a lead’s information even in areas of low connectivity or a short time after they accept the lead.

New Columns on Leads Overview – New columns are available for phone, e-mail, alternate phone, and alternate e-mail on the Leads Overview page.

New Columns on Sources page – There are a few new columns to help quickly view and compare information on lead sources. Those columns are “Pipeline Value”, “Active Leads”, “Dead Leads”, and “Leads All Time”.

Metrics improvements – Units (minutes, days, etc.) have been added to the graphs for easier analysis. Larger numbers on the graphs for price have been shortened from $104000 to $104k or $8760000 to $8.76M for easier reading.

Custom Grid Ordering – Drag and drop a column header on any grid (Agent, Team, Group, Lead, or Source) to customize the order of information. Put the most important columns first and lesser used information towards the end.

Of course, we’re continually working to make our products even more beneficial for you, and we love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line at pipelineroi@alamode.com