Pipeline ROI Update: Get answers to your company’s critical questions

Pipeline ROI arms you with all the data you need to answer critical questions about your business. Where do I invest more marketing dollars? What lead sources are providing the best return? Am I not seeing a return because of the quality of the leads or how they are handled?

Now you can answer these questions (and more) in confidence, based on data, not hunches. We’ve added an ROI calculator to measure how much your marketing investments pay off. Check out the details below:

  • See the ROI of all your lead sources – Ever wonder what the Return On Investment (ROI) is for all those marketing dollars you spend with lead providers? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how many dollars you earn for every dollar spent? You can now see how much each source is making you with the new ROI Metrics feature.

Stats like “Dollar earned per dollar spent” and “ROI %” will show you how much money your lead sources are generating as profit. You can also compare the “Expenses” (cost per month) and “Gross closed volume” of lead sources. “Expenses” gives you a quick way to compare your costs for each lead source while “Gross closed volume” gives you an idea of the value of closed leads generated from each source. You’ll have all the ammo you need to make decisions on where to invest your marketing dollars to maximize your return.

Improved Sources Profile workflow – The second step in a source’s profile, “Lead Routing”, got an overhaul to make it easier to navigate and understand. We’ve moved some options around to make setting up and managing your source settings more intuitive, saving you time.
New time frame for “review then auto-assign” – Previously, if you chose the routing method of “review then auto-assign” you only had the option to choose how many days a lead could go unreviewed/routed before it would be auto-routed. This meant if you got busy and forgot to review a lead, nothing happened for at least 1 day. We’ve added a new time frame of “Hours” so you can further customize this routing method to handle your leads more effectively. Now, if you choose to review leads before they’re routed, you can relax knowing Pipeline ROI will take care of any that you miss within an hour of it entering the system.
More user-friendly CSV workflow – If you’ve added leads or agents into Pipeline ROI via a CSV file, you know we already provide a blank template to follow. While this made it easy to quickly add a large number of agents or leads, we wanted to make it even easier. So, we inserted some quick tips at the top of those blank templates to ensure your data is added correctly.
New lead sources – Z57 and CAHUD.net are now available for use within Pipeline ROI. We’re always looking to expand the list of lead providers Pipeline ROI can work with. If you have a lead provider you’d like added, just send us a quick e-mail to info@pipelineroi.com.