Pipeline ROI Update: More flexibility, better closing workflow, and even more new lead sources

We just released a new update for Pipeline ROI adding even more flexibility for lead routing and improving the workflow of closing a lead. In addition to more customization options, this update provides you with a great recruiting and retention tool for listing agents.

  • Listing agent preferences – You can now route leads for specific listings directly to the listing agent. There are 5 levels of routing preference you can show towards listing agents. These range from no preference at all to directly giving listing agents leads inquiring on one of their listings without losing their spot in the lead rotation. This goes far beyond just ensuring leads get to the right agent. You can use this as recruiting leverage for new agents or as a retention tool for existing agents. What better way to reward listing agents than by giving them a constant stream of leads interested in their properties so they can move them faster? This is all powered by data from your MLS through XSites IDX, so it may not be available in all areas. You can check our coverage here. This feature is free of charge (other than any fees from your MLS). There is no upgrade or additional purchase needed.
  • Improved closing workflow – A “Closed” lead is one that has bought, sold, or rented a house. Previously, agents could label a lead “Closed” pretty easily. All they had to do was enter some notes and it was done. This removed that lead from their update responsibilities and altered your metrics by showing a closed lead. To better inform agents of what “Closed” means in Pipeline ROI, and to avoid false closes such as those just explained, there’s now a confirmation required before an agent can close a lead. The confirmation informs them what “Closed” means, and that it will notify the broker/admin that a lead has been closed. The information required to close a lead has also been slightly modified. Agents are now required to enter a lead type in addition to new notes and a lead value (price of home sold/bought).
  • More new lead sources – Pipeline ROI now works with Top Producer, Section8.com, and Real Page Maker. We’re always adding new lead sources, so if you have any you wish to be added, just send us a request at info@pipelineroi.com.