Pipeline ROI Update: More speed, Shark Tank lead broadcasting, multi-language support, and more

We’ve recently made tons of improvements to Pipeline ROI in an effort to make it faster and easier to use, increase your efficiency, and provide more clarity on the details of how your lead management is working.

Here’s the scoop:

  • See every lead detail – We improved the notes section on leads to be more structured making it easier to find the original information on the lead. We took it a step further and added a link in the notes to view the original lead e-mail. Now, you can rest assured every single lead will have every bit of information you need to close it in Pipeline ROI.
  • Know who misses, accepts, and rejects leads (and more) – On the admin side of Pipeline ROI, you can now see lead history. This history shows past events such as who has rejected/accepted this lead, who missed it, when was it reassigned to another agent, and more. Another step towards offering you total clarity into how your business operates.
  • Improved mobile interface – We made a small change to the look of the agent mobile website to add more room to manage leads. This mobile optimized site is now easier to work through your leads, allowing you to be even more efficient.
  • Broadcast leads to multiple agents at once – With our Shark Tank feature, you could already send leads to a pool for agents to accept them on a first-come-first-serve basis. Now, all agents in the Shark Tank pool will get an e-mail and text message as soon as new leads hit the Shark Tank. This can help to ensure you have the quickest response time in your market by offering leads to multiple agents all at once.
  • Speed and performance improvements – Around Pipeline ROI, there were a few places where things were slower than we’d like to see. We made a round of improvements to increase the speed at which things load in Pipeline ROI. In some areas, this was improved by almost 40%. We aren’t completely done with these improvements and still want to get it faster. After all, the faster the program works, the better you can manage your leads.
  • New lead sources – Pipeline ROI now works with ApartmentList.com, HAR.com, epropertysites, Gainesville.com, and Success Websites. We are always adding new lead sources and if you have any you wish to be added, just send us a request at info@pipelineroi.com

Multiple language support – You can now select what language you want to use in Pipeline ROI. Currently, the list is rather short with just US English and UK English. However, we’re planning on adding more languages on a regular basis starting very soon. If you have any one in particular you’d like to see, please let us know.

We’ll be back soon with a sneak peek of even more exciting features, so stay tuned!