Pipeline ROI update: Route and track by ZIP Code, more flexible lead capture forms, and more

In the latest Pipeline ROI update, we’ve included some big improvements and completely new features we know you’re going to love. As always, Pipeline ROI continues to improve as you continue to bring us new ideas and challenges you’re facing. As the users who are in Pipeline every day, you know exactly what you need to get the most out of it, and we love hearing your ideas.

Here’s a look at the specific updates and new features, starting with an extremely popular one.

Track and route by ZIP Code – Here’s a feature that’s incredibly important for many of our users. You can now use ZIP Codes for locations within Pipeline ROI. This means you can more accurately route leads to agents using locations, especially in larger cities. Going a step further, when you start using ZIP Codes for locations, you can track metrics by locations. So when you pay your lead provider each month for a particular ZIP Code, you’ll be able to track those dollars by ZIP Code to see how many leads you actually got, how they were handled, and how many closed. Talk about laser-focusing your marketing budget!

Search leads by phone or e-mail – Searching through leads just got a brand new facelift, inspired by Move4Free Realty and LoftWarehouse (thanks Sarah, Giovanni, and Jerome). You’ll never have trouble finding one lead in a list of hundreds (or thousands) with new features to search by phone or e-mail in addition to name. This improvement applies to both the agent and admin sides of Pipeline ROI. We also improved how the search by name feature works, making it easier to locate people by first or last name. Our goal is to continue to make things easier and quicker, saving you time at every turn.

More flexible lead capture forms – You can now add/remove Name, E-mail, and Phone fields on lead capture forms. You can also make these fields optional or required, providing more flexibility with how the forms can be used. This gives you more control in how you capture leads using Pipeline ROI forms. Lots of customers use these forms as a way for reception staff to enter leads from office calls. With this update, you can do this with a form that doesn’t always require an e-mail, which is rarely provided on phone calls. Alternatively, if you feel that making a phone number required on web forms reduces your conversion rates, you can remove that field or make it optional. The more customizable Pipeline gets, the more precisely you can dial in what works best for your company.

Visibility on Shark Tank events – When an agent accepts a lead from the Shark Tank, you’ll be able to see this in the notes and in the Activity Stream. This is another step in offering 100% clarity into everything that happens with your leads and marketing dollars.

Easy access to lead notes for agents – On the admin side of things, when viewing your list of leads, you can pull up the latest notes on the lead by hovering over the lead name. This is a useful tool to quickly scan through multiple leads without having to open the lead profile. We replicated this feature over on the agent side so now your agents can enjoy the same quick access to lead notes.

More intuitive agent stats – When you open an agent’s profile, you can see a quick overview of stats for that agent. Metrics such as conversion rate, # of leads, response time, and more. This screen wasn’t quite as easy to comprehend as we would have liked, so we went back and made some visual enhancements as well as improved the calculations used for those metrics to make them even more precise.

New lead sources – Here’s a quick list of new sources we’ve added since the last update: Agent Pronto, HomeFinder.com, EzTexting, Showing Alert, eVoice, Google Voice, Wolfnet, Qazzoo, and Boston Logic. We’re constantly adding new sources, so if you have a lead provider we don’t currently work with, send us a request at pipelineroi@alamode.com. Just keep lining ’em up and we’ll keep knocking ’em out.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feature suggestions you have. We’ll continue working hard to make Pipeline ROI the best solution it can possibly be.