Product updates: inbound marketing dashboard, Daily Rate Lock Advisory, and more

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing product updates

We’ve been making some big updates since the release of our inbound marketing dashboard last month. From the look of our sites to the functionality of the dashboard, we’ve been hard at work improving and upgrading the experience you get with our products. Here are some of the highlights:

Daily Rate Lock Advisory page

Our popular mortgage commentary page, the Daily Rate Lock Advisory, has a whole new look, complete with a modern layout and better traffic-driving capabilities. This page is an available feature for any Pipeline ROI customer.

  • The page now features graphic indicators that allow the reader to quickly see if each factor is having a positive, negative, or neutral affect on mortgage rates.
  • The content page is now mobile-responsive. Whether your reader is viewing the page on a tablet, desktop, or mobile device, it will look just as great.
  • A 90 day history of the rate charts is also included on the page, giving readers better context for the overall trend in mortgage rates.

To access the new Daily Rate Lock Advisory page, simply go to add a content page like usual, by visiting the Publish tab in the dashboard and selecting “New content page”. From this page, you can select the Daily Rate Lock Advisory page from the available content pages by checking the box next to it. The page is now added to your site and will update the mortgage float or lock advice automatically every day. Check out a live preview of the new page here.

If you’re already using the previous version of Daily Rate Lock Advisory, no further action is necessary. Your page will be updated automatically.

Pipeline ROI inbound marketing dashboard

The process for connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Pipeline ROI dashboard is now faster and more intuitive. Here’s how it’s changed:

  • The dashboard is now better at identifying any problems that arise when posting to social media, and giving you guidance. With the latest updates, it can now better handle out of the ordinary circumstances, such an unusual characters in the name of a Facebook page, or dealing with pop-up blockers.
  • The dashboard timeline stays in sync with your social media, without you having to refresh the dashboard every time you share a new post.
  • Your dashboard timeline now knows when you share the same post to your Facebook profile and business Page. You won’t see the same post twice in your timeline just because you shared it in two places.
  • The option to log in to the dashboard with Facebook is now available even after you’ve logged out of Facebook or cleared your browser’s history and cache.

If you missed the launch of our inbound marketing dashboard, check out some of its best features here.

Pipeline ROI real estate websites

We’ve been under the hood of our Pipeline ROI websites non-stop, making sure things are running smoothly. There’s been hundreds of small changes we’ve made over the past few weeks that will enhance your website for both you and your potential clients – all based on your feedback. Here are a few of the big ones:

  • We’ve improved the style of our lead capture forms for a more modern look. These forms have a better appearance on both new Theme Architect websites, and our legacy themes.
  • For our broker websites, the “Our Associates” page has better functionality when searching and sorting through a large list of agents.
  • Image handling is improved when creating or updating blog posts and content pages.
  • The process for incorporating multiple IDX boards into one site has been updated and is now easier than ever.

We’re constantly making improvements to provide the most effective inbound marketing platform for real estate professionals. The next few months you will continue to see new product releases and features from us. If you’re interested in learning about the different features of our platform, you can head over to our real estate home page to find out more.