Real Estate Marketing Madness: Round 3

Real Estate Marketing Madness Round 3

Round 2 was the round of upsets in Real Estate Marketing Madness. A #9 and #11 seed snuck past their favored competition to make it to the final 4. Now, it’s a battle of old-school marketing methods and modern techniques, as organic social media faces off against in-person networking, and referrals goes up against blogging. Your vote will decide who will face off in the championship round, so choose your favorites below. And don’t forget to enter to win a gold MacBook at the bottom of the post!

#9 Social media (organic) vs. #5 In-person networking

Social media (organic): After taking down #1 seed landing pages in the second round, organic social media goes head to head with an old-school real estate tactic in round three. Can it keep the ball rolling and pull off another upset?

In-person networking: Round two pitted a tried and true real estate marketing method against a newer technology, branded websites. Networking came out on top, proving that the latest marketing methods aren’t always the greatest. Make your pick below and decide who will move on to the championship round!

Matchup #1

#9. Social media (organic)
#5. In-person networking

#2. Referrals vs. #11. Blogging

Referrals: After sneaking past e-mail marketing in the second round, referrals will face its toughest competition going against blogging in round three. Any real estate pro knows that a great referral is tough to beat. In this battle of a traditional marketing technique versus a new tactic, only you can choose who will advance to the championship round.

Blogging: Every tournament has its dark horse, and for this one, it’s blogging. As a #11 seed, blogging wasn’t expected to make it past the first round, but after pulling two upsets it’s proven to be a preferred marketing method for many real estate professionals. But can well-crafted words win the battle against an older, proven real estate marketing method? Your vote will decide!

Matchup #2

#2. Referrals
#11. Blogging

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the best marketing tactics in your market. Drop a comment below, or Tweet us @PipelineROI with the hashtag #REMarketingMadness to let us know what you think!

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