Reliable delivery with SureDocs

Reliable delivery with SureDocs
SureDocs was created to solve the problem of getting your loan documents signed quickly and securely. Instead of spending lots of money on overnight delivery or hassling with fax machines, SureDocs makes it simple for you to electronically deliver a document to a client – and for that client to then apply a secure ESIGN compliant signature on it with just a few clicks.

SureDocs is different from other electronic signature tools in that out of the box, it already knows your loan docs and automatically puts signature tags on them. This saves you the time it takes to either train a system or place tags manually every time you need something signed. And since SureDocs is specific to mortgage originators, we’ve been able to keep the workflow simple and straightforward so everyone involved can focus on the task of getting a document signed without worrying about extraneous options that aren’t relevant to getting a mortgage.

SureDocs automatically knows your documents so signature tags are already in place as soon as a document is loaded in.

When SureDocs sends a notification to a borrower about a document that needs to be signed, the message appears as though it comes from the loan officer. (It doesn’t come from a la mode or an address that can’t accept replies.) Recently, however, e-mail services such as Yahoo!, GMail and AOL have become increasingly picky about messages that look like they are from one service but actually come from another. So, we’ve upgraded the SureDocs servers to the same technology our XSellerate e-mail marketing tools use to comply with the major e-mail providers’ best practices and achieve high delivery rates.

This recent upgrade to SureDocs is free for all subscribers and already in use on our servers. No action or software upgrade is needed, so our clients won’t be interrupted as they request electronic signatures just like the 7.6 million signatures that have been applied since 2006!

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