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Big Data versus Little Data

Big Data is an emerging technology in the real estate industry. And like any emerging technology, it has tons of potential. But as the Big Data name implies, it also comes with big costs, big plans, and a big time investment.

Unlike Big Data, Little Data is easy to manage, easy to access, and produces immediate results. So, while Big Data matures check out these resources to get a handle on your Little Data to make more money. Use the resources below to maximize the way you use Little Data.

Analyze and maximize your time

Toggl – click here for info
Toggle is a simple app for your desktop, tablet, iPhone, and Android phone. You can track all your daily activities and get a report at the end of the week so you know you’re spending your time on the activities that matter most to your business.

DataLove – click here for info
Datalove for iPhone is a beautiful, easy to use app for tracking your time. The best part? You don’t have to wait for a report. The app shows simple visualizations of how you’re spending your time and where you’re improving.

Microsoft Excel – click here for info
If you love Excel as much as I do, you’ll dig this MS Excel template. It’s simple and will show you everything you need to know to optimize your time.

Analyzing and improve your marketing

Hootsuite – click here for info
Hootsuite is awesome for two reasons. First, it centralizes all your social media marketing efforts. You can post to all networks at once and even schedule future posts. But even better, the analytics are awesome. For each of your social media platforms you can track followers and fans, number of posts, and prospect engagement. It’s awesome!

Addshopers – click here for info
More advanced than Hootsuite, AddShoppers tracks your social interactions down to conversion points on your website like IDX searches. Sweet!

Google Analytics – c lick here for info
Google Analytics is the go-to website and conversion tracker for businesses all over the world. Warning, it’s a technical product, but some time researching the web and reading a book or two will bring you right up to speed.

Understand and close your leads

Your CRM
Your CRM solution should already to an excellent job of tracking your leads from source to close. The key here is to make sure you’re using your system to it’s fullest potential. And if you don’t have analysis features by lead source, you might want to do some shopping around the web.

Simple Excel Spreadsheet – click here for info
If you don’t take full advantage of your contact manager, you should consider keeping a spreadsheet of all your leads. This will give you a baseline knowledge of what your sales pipeline looks like so you can forecast.

Pipeline ROI – click here for info
We developed Pipeline ROI to completely eliminate lead tracking headaches. With Pipeline ROI, all your online and offline leads funnel into a single system, you’re reminded when it’s time to follow up with each lead, and you’ll have on-demand access to reports so you know when lead sources lead to closings and which ones don’t.