7 things you didn’t know you could do using Pipeline ROI

7 things you didn't know you could do using Pipeline ROI

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – real estate and mortgage professionals are busy.

Especially in the spring and summer months, it seems that every second counts when it comes to getting all of your tasks completed.

We created the Pipeline ROI platform with exactly that in mind.

Because it’s a good thing to be busy, right? If you aren’t busy, it means you aren’t bringing in business. And if you’re not bringing in business, you’re not making any money.

So what’s the solution?

For us, it was to give you everything you need to market your real estate or mortgage business all in one spot.

While MailChimp, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics are fantastic options, they are all housed in completely different places, have completely different logins, and require completely different information.

Not exactly a great time-saver.

As a Pipeline ROI customer, you can rest assured that all of your contacts, all of your social media, and all of your site information is in the same place.

With one quick login, you have access to everything that makes your business a success, so you can spend less time on the Internet and more time closing customers.

Sounds too good to be true, right?


Here are 7 things you didn’t know you could do using Pipeline ROI.

1. Post to your social media

Post to your social media

Social media is more important than ever when it comes to marketing.

As more and more of your potential customers turn to Facebook and Twitter for help choosing their next agent or lender, it’s no longer an option for you to have a presence in those spaces.

Think about it.

If someone uses Facebook to research their agent and finds your competition but not you, who do you think they’ll probably choose?

We’ve made it easy for you to post to your social media accounts.

We allow you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts into the platform.

Whether it’s your business page, a group you run, or even your personal account, it only takes a few mouse clicks to post to one or all of them.

You can even post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Before you know it, you’ve saved tons of time you’d normally spend at your computer and can get back out there and close more deals.

2. Schedule your social media posts

Schedule your social media posts

Sometimes inspiration strikes and there are multiple things you’d like to post on your social media.

You could either jot them down somewhere else and try to remember to post them a different day, or you could just post them all at once and hope they stick.

Best practices would suggest you not post too much at once, so we guess you’ll just have to rely on your memory.

Just kidding.

With Pipeline ROI, you can write a post whenever you feel like it and then schedule it for a future time and/or date.

Not only is this great for those days when you have a lot to say, it’s also a fantastic time saver.

You can sit down and schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts for the week and then relax while our platform takes care of the rest.

3. Be inspired by pre-written content

Be inspired by pre-written content

What about those days when inspiration isn’t striking?

Not a problem.

We created GhostWriter technology so we could have your back on the days when you just can’t seem to come up with something to post.

Watch this video to see GhostWriter, along with social posting and social scheduling, in action!

We’ve even included this technology in multiple spots across your website, allowing your content to remain fresh without you needing to lift a finger.

Search engines love to see fresh, original content when deciding where to rank pages, so we make sure your site is equipped with as much of it as possible. Many of our content pages use GhostWriter to keep your site updated regularly without any work on your part.

You just select whatever interval at which you would like them to change, and on the specified date the words and images switch around.

The message in the content stays the same, but the way it’s written is different.

With so many different possible combinations, you can be confident that your website content is unique and SEO-friendly.

4. Offer content in exchange for contact info

Offer content in exchange for contact info

The main purpose of your website is to generate leads.

Of course, we’d love it if they just found the phone number and called in ready to go, but that’s rare.

We live in a quid pro quo world. You’ve got to prove your value before they’re willing to go with you. You have to give to get.

By providing content that helps solve their problems and answer their questions, you’re doing just that.

Having eBooks, listings, calculators, videos, and an active blog on your site are great ways to put yourself in the position to show your visitors that you’re a real estate or mortgage pro that knows what they’re talking about.

However, supplying content is only half the battle.

You don’t just want their attention, you want their information.

We give you the tools to get it.

Landing pages (squeeze pages)

A landing page is a webpage that has a form and exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form.

When you turn landing pages on in the Pipeline ROI platform, they appear when someone selects something on your site.

For example, if someone looking to buy their first home sees that you offer our eBook titled “First Time Buyers,” they’ll want that information and select it from the dropdown.

Instead of taking them directly to the information they’re after, though, they’ll come to a landing page.

That’s where quid pro quo comes in.

To access the eBook, they’ll have to fill out your form.

We provide default forms for you to use, or you can customize and create your own.

In fact, we’ve found that sites with eBook landing pages average more than twice the leads of sites without them. Plus, custom forms average 9x more leads than those with only standard forms.

Doorway forms

Doorway forms are similar to landing pages in that they require information before content is given.

The way they appear to the customer is the only difference.

They show up to a site visitor after they trigger it through a certain action.

In our platform, you get to customize where and when doorway forms appear. They can be triggered by the amount of pages a visitor clicks through, what they click, etc.

The great thing about these is that you can select whether they’re optional or not. If you want a customer to have to fill one out to continue or if you’d like them to have the option to simply dismiss it, the choice is yours!

Whatever method you choose, just be sure you’re attempting to capture leads with your website.

5. Keep in contact with your leads automatically

Keep in contact with your leads automatically

Keeping in contact with your leads gives you a much better chance of converting them into buyers.

But how can you be expected to e-mail potential customers when you’ve got actual deals to worry about?

With Pipeline ROI’s drip e-mail feature, you don’t have to do the dirty work. Once you create a campaign and add a customer to your list, our platform handles it from there. You can even set it up so that just filling out a form on your site adds them to a campaign.

That way, you can nurture your leads without lifting a finger, and when they’re ready to make a decision, it’s your name they think of.

6. See how your website is performing

See how your website is performing

One of the most crucial and often overlooked steps in the marketing process is analysis.

The most effective marketing campaigns analyze throughout every step of their marketing process.

With Pipeline ROI, you can easily check the performance of your marketing in one place: our inbound marketing dashboard.

You can see your website traffic by date and source, your most visited pages over the past 30 days, how many people interacted with your drip e-mail campaigns, and any inbound links to your site.

With this information, you can see which of your marketing efforts are and aren’t working.

This way you can constantly improve and continue bringing in more leads for your business without growing stale.

After all, stale marketing is ineffective marketing.

7. Manage your leads

Manage your leads

This one is especially important for you brokers and team leaders.

Managing multiple lead sources can be a time-consuming task, and keeping up with contact information from every source means some (or many) leads get lost in the shuffle.

Pipeline ROI’s Lead Manager captures, routes, and stores them all, so you’ll never worry about missing a lead again.

Once an agent accepts a lead, it becomes their responsibility to keep you in the loop until the lead closes.

You can set communication standards, then Lead Manager will nudge agents to update the status of their leads.

You can see how leads are progressing through the sales pipeline, how much they’re worth, and notes the agent has made all the way through closing.

It’s really all about establishing a culture of accountability within your agent group, thereby reducing the amount of leads that are allowed to go cold.

Got half an hour? Check out this video that goes over all the awesome features Lead Manager has to offer.

If you’re a current Pipeline ROI customer, let us know which of these 7 things was something you didn’t know you could do using your platform!

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