Social inspiration for real estate pros

100 free Tweets for real estate pros

The perfect social media marketing strategy uses the “4-1-1” ratio. For every 6 posts, 1 should be sales related (like an open house or a new listing), 1 should be original content you create, and 4 should be links to content from others that your followers will find interesting. In the past, you’d have to spend valuable time browsing through Twitter and your bookmarked sites to find articles to share every day. Good news…We’ve made it A LOT easier!

We’ve scoured the Internet in search of the very best real estate content so you don’t have to. Our new Social Inspiration page brings you 100 original, customizable tweets with links to relevant content from all over the web. With categories like Real Estate Industry, Home D├ęcor, Buyer Targeted, and Seller Targeted, you’ll be able to pick and choose the articles that your target audience will value most. Each of these 100 Tweets is equipped with our trademark Ghostwriter technology that will rewrite a unique version for you to post. Simply click “Ghost It” next to the Tweet you want to publish to see a new version. Once you’ve found your favorite, click “Post It” to Tweet. If you use a social media manager like Hootsuite or Buffer, you’ll be able to schedule your post as well.

So don’t be that agent with the deferred maintenance Twitter account. With our Social Inspiration page, if you can click, you can Tweet relevant, valuable content that your followers will appreciate. Start your journey to social media mastery!