Spring into busy season with these time saving tips

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Flowers are blooming, that winter chill has been replaced by a warm breeze, and your inbox is starting to fill up. This can only mean one thing: busy season is just around the corner. Spring and summer are exciting seasons for anyone in the mortgage industry, but it’s also that time of the year when you may find you just don’t have enough hours in the day. Between keeping in touch with leads, meeting with borrowers, and answering calls from agents, you barely even have time to enjoy the warmer weather! Luckily, there are some time-saving tools built in to our lending platform that can streamline the borrowing process and help you discover those lost hours in your day:

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Quicker decision making with Daily Rate Lock Advisory

An informed borrower makes quick decisions, so in order to close more deals you’ll want to provide the most up to date information that can impact a loan. That’s why every Pipeline ROI mortgage website comes with an available Daily Rate Lock Advisory page and e-mail campaign. This page collects national data on stock, bonds, and other economic influences, and uses these factors to give mortgage float and lock advice to potential borrowers – automatically. Instead of spending time sending your leads the latest rate advice, you can simply add their contact information to a daily or weekly e-mail campaign that will send them the latest advice and keep them in the loop.

Screenshot of SureDocs on an iPad from pipeline roi for mortgage

On the go document delivery with SureDocs

Today’s borrowers likely spend more time on a mobile device than they do in front of a desktop. That’s why our simple and secure document delivery system, SureDocs, has gotten a major upgrade. You can now deliver, receive, and sign important loan documents from a smartphone or tablet. Busy borrowers will love this feature, since they will be able to take care of paperwork without needing to get to a desktop computer or fax machine. You’ll love the streamlined process. With more ways to sign documents, you’ll get applications back faster than ever.

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Less time on the phone with daily status updates

Phone calls can be one of the biggest disruptors for any loan officer. It’s hard to focus on the necessary tasks when you’re phone is ringing off the hook all day with phone calls from borrowers, the borrower’s mom, the borrower’s agent…you know the drill. With our status e-mails, you can automatically send out daily loan updates to up to seven different people. Now the borrower, co-borrower, agent, and everyone else involved in the loan can quickly see what’s happening with the loan daily – without needing to call you to get the information.

These three steps can cut out a lot of the time-consuming processes that take up your day, so you can spend more time focusing making your clients happy. You might even have time to soak up the warm weather that comes with busy season!

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