Free eBook: Stay TRID compliant with SureDocs

Free eBook from Pipeline ROI: How to stay TRID Compliant with SureDocs

You can’t check any real estate or lending website without seeing a dozen stories about how TRID will affect the lending process. By now, you know all the regulations you’ll need to comply with. But you might not know what solutions you’ll need to make the transition into these new regulations as easy as possible.

Employing a digital document and eSignature tool like SureDocs can help you stay TRID compliant by speeding up document deliveryand providing a complete, end to end audit trail of the receipt and signatures of documents. Don’t get stuck “tying [your] solutions together with bubble gum and rubber bands,” like Terry Moore of Accenture Credit Service said many lenders will find themselves doing. Instead, make the switch to go digital. The sooner you’re able to have automatic documentation of all signatures and paperwork, the less time you’ll waste handling everything manually.

Click below to download our free eBook on how SureDocs can help you stay TRID compliant, improve customer experience, and save you time every step of the way, from initial loan estimate to the closing table.

Download our free eBook: Stay TRID compliant with SureDocs!