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Pipeline ROI Update: More speed, Shark Tank lead broadcasting, multi-language support, and more

We’ve recently made tons of improvements to Pipeline ROI in an effort to make it faster and easier to use, increase your efficiency, and provide more clarity on the details of how your lead management is working.

Pipeline ROI Update: More flexibility, better closing workflow, and even more new lead sources

We just released a new update for Pipeline ROI adding even more flexibility for lead routing and improving the workflow of closing a lead. In addition to more customization options, this update provides you with a great recruiting and retention tool for listing agents.

Pipeline ROI Update: Improved agent workflow, mobile interface, and even more insight

Pipeline ROI is not only a great tool for brokers, but for agents as well. Having a quick, easy way to collaboratively manage leads will only help them close more. This update is focused on changes designed to improve agent workflow and productivity. You’ll also benefit from some added transparency into the actions of your agents and the leads they’re offered.

Pipeline ROI Update: Get answers to your company’s critical questions

Pipeline ROI Update: Get answers to your company’s critical questions

Pipeline ROI arms you with all the data you need to answer critical questions about your business. Where do I invest more marketing dollars? What lead sources are providing the best return? Am I not seeing a return because of the quality of the leads or how they are handled?

New in Pipeline ROI: Auto-responders, marketing campaigns, rental leads, and new sources

Pipeline ROI is perfect not only for monitoring your pipeline and managing your team but also for improving your brand through better, faster service and boosting your conversion rate over time. Today’s update takes two excellent steps forward in those later two areas.