The Best SEO Hack

There are a lot of myths about how to “optimize” your website for search engines. Notice I put “optimize” in double-quotes. Here’s a truth that will make some paid SEO companies shake in their boots: The real trick to SEO is just building a better website in general. That’s it. Nothing technical, nothing “behind-the-scenes” you have to install or tweak, and your website is just a platform for you to impress your possible clients.

Building a Better Website

Google searches throughout websites to identify how relevant, easy to navigate, and newly updated to rank its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Overall, there is no need to pay for an SEO company if you use a good website builder. Pipeline ROI provides all of our Real Estae Pros with websites specifically designed to obtain high SEO status.

Here are some of the SEO hacks we follow:

Fast Website

Pipeline ROI designs all websites to be mobile responsive, and avoids slow downloading objects (EX: large picture files)

Relevant URL

The URL should match the main focus on your website. For realtors, “www.[yourname]” is perffect! The URL does not have to be too creative, or unique, just match your content as best as possible.


Google loves freshly updated websites. Adding new blogs to your website will not only create a higher SEO status, but will also drive potential clients to your website. Make sure your blog is relevant to the clients you want to reach, and at least 250 words. 

Blogging can be hard to start that is why Pipeline ROI has written these helpful blogs to get you started:

How to pick effective real estate and mortgage blog topics 

5 tips for writing readable real estate blog posts

Conquer your fear of blogging – 5 steps to writing a share-worthy blog post in under an hour

Share your Website

Continue to drive traffic to your website by posting on different social media platforms with links directed to your website. If you write a blog or have a new listing, put it on your website. Then post on social media with a link to that blog or listing.


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At Pipeline ROI, we take pride in providing real estate and mortgage pros with the tools they need to market their services and get more leads. From a beautiful, mobile-responsive website to lead management, e-mail drip marketing, and social marketing tools, it’s all here. Click below to learn more and get a free demo.

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