Tools to Update your Website

Is your website stale? Is your competition’s site more recent and therefore more likely to be current info?

If enough time passes then your ranking could drop completely, as they may just consider your site “abandoned”. You definitely don’t want it to get that bad. Learn more about the popular question: Is it okay to “set and forget” your real estate website?

Keep it Fresh

Not every page needs to see updates, and most search engines understand that some things you’re just going to get right the first time and then never touch again. However, having a few pages that change every now and then (or maintaining a blog regularly, such as twice a month) is enough to keep them checking back in for the latest contents and making sure your ranking never dips.

Pipeline ROI knows Real Estate Pros are way too busy to continually update their websites. That is why we have created blogs, tweets, and tons of other content for Real Estate Pros to use for their websites.

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Ghost Writer

We’ve specifically designed a feature we call it “GhostWriter,” and it is designed to take our default, pre-written content pages and “mix them up” a bit to make them unique so you don’t have to. It works about the same way you might if you were trying to rephrase something: it substitutes a word here and there, uses a different phrase that means the same thing, moves bullet points or sentence fragments around, and just generally plays around with the contents so it reads the same way but is worded uniquely.

We’ve “trained” our GhostWriter program on a per page basis to make sure it actually understands the topic at hand (so it doesn’t start mixing in seller focus on a buyer-oriented page, for example), and as long as you like what we have to say on a page then flipping the switch to let Ghostwriter take over that page will take a lot of word-tweaking off of your plate and give you one more page tipping the scale in your favor with both uniqueness and freshness. Also, we run GhostWriter once for every new website to make sure you start with unique contents on those pages, so they’re “safe” to use right out of the gate without any manual tweaking necessary.

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