Top 10 Apps for Agents

A search for “Real Estate” on the Apple App Store yields 4,135 results. We’ve sorted through all of those options to find the most useful so you don’t have to. From open house assistants to mileage trackers, these 10 apps will make your life as an agent a little bit easier.

RE:Focus Analytics – This is the gold standard for up-to-date MLS data. RE:Focus Analytics is user-friendly, with a simple interface of swipes and taps that ensures a clean presentation for your client. This app has the ability to create interactive charts and graphs for displaying neighborhood information and pricing trends. Perhaps the most useful feature of this app is the ability to access information even without Wi-Fi or data. Saved searches and downloaded data are available offline, to ensure you have what you need, when you need it. RE:Focus Analytics is also compatible with Evernote! Use the two together to create shared folders of charts and graphs with clients, or to make blogging even easier. Learn more about the features of these two apps here. RE:Focus Analytics is available in select areas for iOS iPad operating systems.

Evernote – Evernote is a cross-platform note taking app that can simplify the buying or selling process. This app allows you to keep all interactions, notes, and documents with a client in one single “notebook” that can automatically sync between your iPhone, iPad, and computer. When meeting with clients, use the audio feature to record buyer feedback on the property and to take notes about what they did or didn’t like. This app also has a checklist feature that can help you ensure that all steps in the closing process are completed. In May, Evernote also added a business card feature that partners with LinkedIn to help you connect with professionals. Simply take a picture through Evernote of the business card you received, and you will be prompted with their LinkedIn information, with the opportunity to connect with them. Evernote is available for iOS and Android devices.

MileBug – This app allows you to track your miles for business trips to and from listings and meetings, to help you get your full tax deduction or reimbursement. MileBug works with your GPS to display your mileage in map view, and also generates easily exportable reports in HTML and CSV formats. MileBug is available for iOS and Android devices.

Supra eKey – Lockboxes for homes have evolved into a more technological product, and now you can use your smartphone as your key to a lockbox. Though there is a fee for this app, it can save you the embarassing chance that you leave your lockbox key at home when meeting a client. The app also allows you to browse and view listings right from your phone, and includes listing agents and contact numbers to make showing a house easier than ever. Supra eKey is available for iOS and Android devices.

Docusign – The shift toward paperless transactions becomes easier with DocuSign. There are specific versions of this app that are tailored for agents or brokers, with features such as eSignatures and document management. This app is also completely secure, with encryption and activity log functions to keep you and your client’s information safe. There are different versions of Docusign available for both iOS and Android devices.

Open Home Pro – A digital sign-in book and much more, this app will help you manage your open houses with ease. Young buyers will feel more comfortable typing in their information into an iPad instead of filling out a form, which will help you gain more information about your potential client base. OpenHome Pro is available for iOS and Android devices.

Trulia, Zillow, Redfin – We’re grouping all of these apps together as they all essentially have the same features. It’s pretty obvious why agents should have these apps, they allow you to browse for sale properties and get a better idea for the prices in a neighborhood. Though these aren’t perfect by any means, they are helpful and easy to use – and free! These are available for iOS and Android devices.

Keynote – If you need to make stellar listing presentations on your tablet, Keynote is the way to go. This app lets you quickly and easily create a professional presentation that is viewable on any device. Keynote gives you the ability to insert charts, graphs, and images into your presentation on a mobile device, just as you would on a computer. Keynote is available for iOS only.

Mint – Mint is an app that helps you track and manage your personal finances. For busy real estate agents, seeing all of your accounts, credit cards, and expenses in one place can help you stay organized. This app is also a great suggestion for clients who are looking to purchase a new home. Managing debt and credit is crucial to closing on a home, and this app can help your client stay on top of things. Mint is available for iOS and Android devices.

Houzz – As beautiful as it is functional, Houzz is similar to Pinterest, but exclusively for home design and decor. Millions of photos are stored in this app, and you can search by style or room to browse and save the looks that you are drawn to. Buyers can use this app to get a better idea of what they are looking for in a home, and sellers can get home staging and curb appeal inspiration. But fair warning – the user-friendly interface and easy swipe features make this app pretty addictive! Houzz is available for iOS and Android devices.