Three keys to using landing pages for real estate lead generation

Three keys to using landing pages for real estate lead generation

When it comes to lead generation for real estate (or any industry for that matter), it’s hard to beat a good landing page. What’s a landing page, you ask? It’s a single page on your website where you offer visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information. For example, you could have a landing page that offers a free eBook for first-time homebuyers. The eBook could include information about what to expect, as well as tips for making the buying process as smooth as possible. What’s great about landing pages is that you’re creating a win-win situation: your visitor gets valuable information from an expert, and you get a lead.

So what makes an effective landing page for real estate lead generation? Here are three keys:

1. Make it valuable

It’s crucial that your landing page offers something valuable enough that someone will be willing to give you their contact information in exchange for it. This could be an eBook with information on a specific topic, a market report, a home value estimate, or anything else you think your target market would find valuable. If you’re worried about having to create this yourself, no worries. Download our free inbound marketing kit that includes eBook templates and more.

2. Keep it simple

It’s important to keep your landing page short and sweet – include only the necessary information. Remember, you’re trying to drive them to one single action – submitting their information in your form. You don’t want to include a bunch of links to other pages on your website, or anything that distracts them from the primary action you want them to take. So what does the page need? Here’s what I suggest:

  • A clear informative title
  • A short description of what you’re offering
  • A nice supporting image
  • A simple form (name, e-mail, phone, and a qualifying question such as “How soon do you plan on buying?”)
  • Why the offer is valuable

That’s it. If you focus on those five things, you shouldn’t need anything else to convert a visitor to a lead. Here’s a screenshot of a good example:

3. Promote it

“If you build it, they will come.” FALSE! Simply creating a landing page won’t get you far – you have to make sure people know about it. What are some of the best ways to promote it?

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Of course, your job’s not done once a lead is captured. The next step of the inbound marketing strategy would be nurturing those leads, with the goal of turning them into clients. And since most of the leads you get aren’t going to be immediately buying or selling, it’s important to get them into a system that can take care of that nurturing automatically. We’ll look at some ways to do that in an upcoming post.