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How GhostWriter helps your SEO

Search engines love fresh content. It’s a big factor in the algorithms that decide how high your mortgage lending website is ranked in search engines. That’s why many of our website pages come equipped with GhostWriter, our unique technology that allows your content to be automatically re-written on a regular basis.

GhostWriter rephrases and re-writes these pages without changing the message. When your website is updated, it’s more likely to be crawled again by Google, where new keywords can be picked up and your site ranking may change accordingly.

While fresh content doesn’t automatically mean your rankings will jump, it improves the odds that Google will scan your site again. And with Ghostwriter, you won’t have to manually go into these pages and update your content. You can simply set how often you’d like these pages to update, and GhostWriter takes care of the rest.

Any built-in content page for your website that has the double arrows next to it is available to be GhostWritten. Simply choose what pages you’d like to include on your website, then configure GhostWriter as shown above. Your pages will automatically re-write after your chosen period of time.