The complete inbound marketing system for loan officers

Lock borrowers faster with expert lock/float advice

Our daily rate lock advice e-mail makes you the go-to source for lock/float advice. The best part, it’s all automatic. We collect all the national data on stocks, bonds, and other economic factors and translate it to easy-to-understand charts and graphs for your potential clients. It’s a great way to increase urgency on buyers and refis ahead of anticipated rate increases.

Never lift a finger, we handle it for you

The best part? Offering this advice on your website and in daily and weekly e-mail form requires absolutely no additional effort on your part. We know how much work it takes just to keep your pipeline full of leads and borrowers. That’s why our daily rate lock advice is completely automatic.

Any time a new lead requests information anywhere on your website they’ll automatically get added to your daily rate lock advice messages. So of course, when it comes to making a loan decision they’re going to contact the professional with the best information. That’s you!

Spot-on advice with no research

It’s understandable that you don’t have time to do the daily and weekly research necessary to make rate forecasts. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of the brightest minds in the industry to do the work for you. They analyze the stock and bond markets, unemployment and economic reports, and Federal Reserve notes to give you the expert advice you need to impress clients.

Send it to your referral partners to generate even more business

Daily rate lock advice isn't just a great way to get your own clients moving forward - it's a superb referral generator too. Simply add your agent and broker colleagues to your automatic daily message group and they'll get the info too. In turn they can share it with their clients which gives you an even wider reach of potential clients.

  • Send out rate lock advice to your colleagues
  • Your colleagues share the information with their clients
  • You reach a wider audience of potential clients

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