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An easy-to-use blogging platform

The key to a high-ranking mortgage lending website is relevant, informative content. There’s no more effective way to add content to your website than a consistently updated blog. With Pipeline ROI, you won’t have to integrate with a third-party blogging platform like WordPress. You can simply use our built-in content management system to craft posts.


Our content management system makes it easy to write. Add links, images, and styling to your blog post to make it interactive for your readers. You can also tag your posts for quick navigation. Create categories on different topics, and visitors will be able to browse multiple posts on a certain subject. Here’s an example of a blog post on one of our mobile-responsive website themes.

Mortgage website blog post


You may think blogging is a waste of your time. But it can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website for many reasons. Here’s why mortgage lending pros should blog:

It adds pages and potential search terms to your website. The more local content on your website, the higher chance someone will land on your website when searching for something other than home loans. If you write up a blog post about a neighborhood, type of loan, or event, then you may also be found for those terms as well.

It gives you diverse content to share on social media. You don’t want to share all mortgage lending content all the time on your social channels. That narrows your audience. By publishing posts on varied topics, you’re able to share your own content instead of leaning on outside news sources. While you do want to share from other pages as well, you also want to direct people to your own website when possible.

If you’re particularly knowledgeable on a certain step of the lending process, or an area of your market, blogging also allows you to present that information to website visitors. By putting your knowledge out for the public, you’re able to estabish yourself as an expert to someone casually visiting your site. This builds trust with potential clients long before they fill out a form or take the next step.

Want to start blogging, but not sure what to write about? We’ve put together a free resource with 50 mortgage lending blog post ideas. Check out this free eBook.

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