Real estate's first all-in-one Inbound Marketing system

Our eBooks help you capture leads

The exchange of helpful content for a potential client’s contact information is a key component of inbound marketing. Our eBooks make it easy for you to capture leads.

We’ve created beautifully designed eBooks that you can add as a landing page to your real estate website in just a few minutes. The eBooks cover a broad range of topics that buyers and sellers will find helpful, like curb appeal tips, why a home isn’t selling, the pros and cons of renting, how to stage a home, and more. You can choose the topic that best resonates with your target market.

We’ve placed these real estate eBooks behind simple landing pages that make it easy for your website visitors to download these eBooks (which means you’ll get their contact information, too!) All you have to do to set up these landing pages is upload your headshot, type up a quick bio, and add these pages to your site’s navigation. Here’s what these eBook landing pages look like on one of our mobile-responsive website themes.


Once your landing page is up, you can start driving traffic to these pages to capture leads. Consider linking to this page in social posts using our social scheduler, creating Facebook ads, or sending it out in an e-mail.
You’ll be collecting leads in no time.

Want more info? Let us know when to get in touch.

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