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Pipeline ROI is now integrated with iHomefinder.

Why is Pipeline ROI integrating with iHomefinder?

To continue providing you with the best possible IDX solution, we have integrated with iHomefinder. iHomefinder serves more than 450 real estate boards.  This change will allow Pipeline ROI to focus what we do best – workflow and marketing tools.


What does this change to iHomefinder mean for you?

Setting up your account is easy! Simply choose which plan you want below to complete your iHomefinder account setup. Once account setup in complete,   Pipeline ROI will then take the links provided by iHomefinder and embed these links in your current Pipeline ROI website. Support for iHomefinder will be handled by Pipeline ROI’s Customer Success team.


What will iHomefinder cost?

The “Power Plan” is $46.95 per month and the “Eureka Plan” is $62.95. To help offset the cost of iHomefinder, Pipeline ROI will DISCOUNT the monthly payment for our existing Pipeline ROI customers who pay $69 a month or more by $30.00. For example, if your current monthly payment to Pipeline ROI is $99.00, it will now be $69.00 a month. Current pricing for our products can be found at Discount will begin once your iHomefinder account setup is complete.


What is the difference between the two plans?

The main difference between the two plans is in the search presentation. The “Power Plan” works more like a standard search -you enter search parameters and are provided a list of properties. The “Eureka Plan” provides a more map centric search and will require a larger footprint on your webpage.  Both plans provide for searching on a map by clicking multiple points to create a shape as well as saved and featured searches.

See examples of search windows below:

Power Plan Eureka Plan
$46.95 $62.95

Want more info? Let us know when to get in touch.

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