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Route leads automatically, regardless of source

Managing multiple lead sources can be a time-consuming task, and keeping up with contact information from every source means some (or many) leads get lost in the shuffle. Lead Manager captures, routes, and stores them all, so you’ll never worry about missing a lead again.

"What I really love about Pipeline ROI is that it keeps my agents accountable for the leads they accept. I spend a lot of money to provide leads for my agents, and without some accountability, the lead and money can be lost."

— Chris Barnett

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Boost your speed to lead with the Text Message Autoresponder

It’s no secret that the sooner you respond to a lead, the more likely you are to retain them as a client. As soon as you receive a new lead through Lead Manager from any source, the Text Message Autoresponder system will send out a text message on your behalf to connect with the lead. You’ll stay a step ahead of your competition without needing to dial a number or type out an e-mail.

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Get full control over how your leads are distributed

Want your newest agent to get leads from Trulia in Naples, FL, under $250,000? No problem. Do the listing agents need to get the first shot at leads inquiring on their listings? Lead Manager can do it. The ways you can route leads are endless – by price, MLS#, location, during office hours, round robin, and more.

Increase agent accountability and move deals forward

Once an agent accepts a lead, it becomes their responsibility to keep you in the loop until the lead closes. You can set communication standards, then Lead Manager will nudge agents to update the status of their leads. You can see how leads are progressing through the sales pipeline, how much they’re worth, and notes the agent has made all the way through closing.

Track your ROI and maximize profits

Are you paying for portal leads that aren’t closing? Have your call-in leads fallen 20% in the last month? Lead Manager sees it all and reports it back to you in simple, decision-driving reports. Identify weak spots and opportunities in your sales and marketing processes that can boost your profits.

Boost your speed to lead with Shark Tank

Need to inspire some healthy competition in your office? Shark Tank is an optional Lead Manager feature that allows you to reward your quick responding agents with extra leads. You can choose to put a single agent or group of agents (think top performers or veteran agents) into the Shark Tank at certain times. Everyone gets the lead notification at the same time. The first to hit ‘accept’ gets the lead.

Manage it all on the go

Real estate isn’t a desk job, so why should your lead management be tied to a desktop? You can check your sales pipeline, run reports, or update distribution rules from your phone or tablet. Agents can also accept, decline, and update leads from a mobile device, so everyone can stay in the loop, even on the busiest days.

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