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Schedule social posts to save time

Most people that find social media overwhelming or time-consuming haven’t discovered a social media management tool. Our inbound marketing system for real estate has a social scheduler built right into the product. Here’s how it works and how it can save you time.

If you use Twitter or Facebook to market your real estate business, you might have to open the apps or log in on your desktop every time you want to share an update. This likely means your updates are going out around the same time every week, and they go on pause during a busy week or when you’re on vacation. By using a social media management tool like our social scheduler, you can set up multiple posts in advance to go out at specific times. Select the days and times you want your post to go out on this calendar in your dashboard.


or example, if your Sunday evenings tend to be slow, you can set up posts to go out about new blog articles, an open house you’re hosting the next week, and news stories about your area, then choose when they’ll send in a calendar view. You can even schedule the same post to go out at different times on different days to reach a new audience. Your posts will appear automatically on your Twitter and Facebook profiles, just like this.


Rest assured that even when your week gets busy, your social media won’t go quiet. You can then check in at your leisure during the week to respond and check up on your notifications. It’s effective social media marketing without the stress – what could be better than that?

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