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Back up your website with Snapshot

To achieve the most engaging website, you’ll probably experiment with your layout, content, and design. When you alter your website, you want to have a way to back up your work in case anything goes wrong – that’s where Snapshot comes in.

Even the most experienced coder can make a mistake that moves a button where it shouldn’t be, or makes something disappear accidentally. We want you or your in-house web designer to tweak and change your Pipeline ROI website without fear. Before you make any changes, simply navigate to the Snapshot feature within your dashboard and create a new saved Snapshot.


Then, make your changes. If anything fails to function the way you expected it to, you can just restore your previous Snapshot and erase any changes you’ve made since you saved that Snapshot. This feature allows you to make changes to your website without worrying about breaking a feature every time you tweak something.

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