Thanks for choosing Pipeline ROI as your complete inbound marketing platform! We're excited to have you as our customer and look forward to watch you generate more leads through our product. We're also here to build an exceptional responsive website for your business.

In our standard site setup service, a number of services are automatically provided. These include: A phone consultation with a web designer before your site is built, a customized Pipeline ROI home page template with content and images to match your company message, color matched for your company logo or image, and integrated contact and social media information into your new lead capture tools. Our initial site setup services give you a platform to start creating your own remarkable content to capture leads and engage with clients.

During your initial site build or even down the road after your site is launched, you may wish to have custom content created. Or after you've had your site for a while, you may want your branding, colors or imagery refreshed. You can now hire our professional Design Consultants to take care of these tasks for you at a rate of $99/hr – billable in one hour increments. Listed below are examples of one hour projects our team can take on for you:

  • See example
    Cropping and enhancing a picture or logo
  • See example
    Creating up to 5 IDX saved search pages
  • See example
    Create two simple, mobile responsive content pages, with a single video, widget, or image.
  • See example
    Formatting text and multiple images on a single custom page
  • See example
    Matching a color scheme to a logo or image
  • Additional one hour projects
    • Replacing home page images
    • Updating home page and/or footer text and content
    • Assistance with locating up to 3 photos from 3rd party photo archive
    • Inserting a 3rd party widget or custom code
    • Applying a different site theme / design without modifying content or images

If you would like a complete site "redo" it will cost a full setup price, since it would require restructuring the entire site.

Contact with details regarding what you'd like done on your site, and we'll contact you with a price quote and expected turnaround time.

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